I am Ares, a keen 40k player, modeller and painter. Somewhat of a hobby butterfly, I always have multiple projects on at once. I am just starting to get into WHFB as well as FFG's X-Wing. I am also mildly obsessed with Mordheim, I think I have three or for WIP Warbands kicking around somewhere. I must finish those some day...

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My Name is Mark, Previously I have worked on DaMekshop hobby blog centered around my ever increasing ork collection. As my interests diversified my needs as a blogger have changed, from being primarily an ork player I have moved into a wider range of Games Workshop games and armies to other formats such as x wing.

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I am Zeus, primary contributor to the site and co-owner of Fifty Shades of Wray, oh I am also God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice to name but a few of my concerns. Having been playing tabletop games and painting miniatures for most of my life I have a wealth of information borne from success and from the bitter experience gained from my mistakes in the hobby. If anyone has any questions about the Twelve Olympians or the hobby in general I am more than happy to discuss them with you.

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Aphrodite was born when Cronus cut off Uranus's genitals and threw them into the sea, laughing. Technically I'm wedded to Hephaestus but only because he's ugly and deformed and not a threat to man nor beast. In other news I've been wargaming for over twenty years. Collecting, painting and playing wargames, mainly Games Workshop stuff. I especially enjoy converting miniatures and making them my own. From simple weapon swaps to full on multi model kitbashes. I'm huge fan of the narrative side of gaming and lean heavily towards more characterful armies. Watch this space for Heretical automatons, Psycho-indoctrinated transhumans, The denizens of mortal chaos (and perhaps their Daemon allies) and the cruel and eternally spiteful elves of Nagarroth....

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My name is Joel and I am the other half of Fifty Shades of Wray. I started this hobby with Airfix kits over 20 years ago, painting any military models I could get my hands on. Then I discovered 40k and my sci fi addiction spiraled out of control. I now put my military modelling knowledge to better use on Rhinos and Landraiders!!

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Apollo is a warrior. He relishes the din of battle, the clash of mighty hosts and the sharp stink of gamer funk in the morning; he lives for warfare on the battlefields of the grimdark 41st Millennium; and he laughs in the faces of puny noobs. Not for him the laudable ambition of having a Golden Daemon-level fully-painted army, or a deep appreciation of an epic backstory – Apollo thirsts for victory above all else. Fear him. For he is beardcheese incarnate.

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Poseidon, a serial-hobbiest for as long as there have been hobbies to get excited about. He has been playing 40k for the better part of a decade and spent most of that time either learning how to build, sculpt and paint or just finish his Nurgle-themed Chaos army... pushing 5 years and two Codex revisions and its just barely got the core units finished! Although to be fair, he has built and painted a Grey Knight army in between then... In addition to 40k, Poseidon enjoys playing Magic the Gathering, numerous boardgames (Eclipse, Settlers, Carcasonne and Lords of Waterdeep) and the X-Wing tabletop game.

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Greetings! Welcome to my forge! Right...yeah, Hephaestus here, aka George. Been playing 40k since 4th ed. This is my second hobby blog but first for table top gaming. Been playing a lot of Xwing, Mordheim and 7th Ed 40k over the last year. I've collected models for a while but only recently caught the painting bug with help from Zeus and Hades! Let me know what you think: Horus Heresy Salamanders

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God of wine, ritual and all out socialite. My alcoholism is so functional I ride a leopard bareback. This having been said, I'm the newest member to the Olympian crew. I've been playing with little plastic dudes sinice 40k 3rd edition with a keen interest for 40k, Infinity and most recently X Wing.

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Before iPhones and Broadband we had Pong and 28.8k Dial up but f**k dammit I still rocked Ultima like a bad man spending those precious 8 hours a day mining only to get mugged on the way back... Still, times move on and after a brief stint dating, drinking and seeing all the world has to offer I now spend my days playing 40k and doing everything in my power to avoid painting it! Oh and of course X-Wing as that requires no painting at all, god bless FFG, God bless you.

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Atlas is the co-owner of Promethean Games and web designer for The Twelve Olympians.

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