Escalation 2014 – Aph’s experience – Game 2

Escalation Tournament BattleUX – Uxbridge

On to the second of the three games for the day, this time facing against those boring Mary Sues of the Warhammer 40k world – The Ultramarines!

The Mission


Dawn of War – 6 Objectives

As with most people on the tournament, as we all found out later, many of us didn’t turn over the objective markers at the beginning of the game such was our blood lust to get on with the killing. We managed to remember at the start of Turn 2.  (I believe Zeus didn’t until the end of the game!)

The Army

In addition to my 500 point army from the first game, I added:

Ivanos Enkomi: High Chaplain of the Minotaurs and general badass

5 man Devastator Squad: 2 Missile Launchers
Deathstorm Drop Pod
6 man Tactical Squad in Razorback w/ Lascannon and TL Plasma Gun.

The Enemy

My opponent brought:
Chapter Master
10 man Scout Squad.  Half with Snipers and Camouflage Cloaks, the other half with Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons.
Tactical squad
Land Raider Redeemer
This was finished off with a worryingly large unit of Legion of the Damned filled with all sorts of Melta death.

Buoyed by my earlier success I was hopeful for the next game, especially since it was against Ultramarines! (I have an unnatural loathing for goody two shoes blue things,  Tau irk me, but I’m cool with Tzeentch)

Having played this particular opponent before, I was aware he knew his stuff and was all geared up for a cracking game.

The Game

Deployment – Minotaurs

I deployed my Tactical Marines in the centre with their Razorback to the right flank.  I placed my Devastators in a high ground terrain feature.

The Assault Marines and Deathstorm Drop Pod were held in reserve.

Deployment – Ultramarines

The enemy Scouts with Sniper Rifles took cover behind a barricade and their close-combat brethren took up position on his right flank.

The Land Raider was deployed with the Chapter Master and some Tactical Marines on his left flank, facing my Razorback.  The Siege Objective was placed here too.

image (1)

Turn 1 – Minotaurs

The Deathstorm Drop Pod arrives, but only kills two Scouts.

The Lascannon from the Razorback and the Devastators take a single Hull Point off the Land Raider.

Turn 1 – Ultramarines

An uneventful turn for the Ultramarines, his CC Scouts attempt to destroy the Drop Pod but fail.  These vain attempts continue for five more turns.

Turn 2 – Minotaurs

We turned over the objective markers late and saw that the field was almost equally split.

My Assault Marines don’t arrive from Reserve this turn and, aware that placing them anywhere near the enemy Land Raider Redeemer would have invited certain flamey death, I decided to try and hold the left flank whilst denying the right.

I moved my Tactical Squad over towards the other 3 point objective on the left flank, whilst the Razorback and Devastators fired at the Land Raider Redeemer again, removing one more Hull Point.

Turn 2 – Ultramarines

In the Ultramarines’ second turn the most significant event was the death of my Razorback, delivered by means of a large Legion of the Damned Squad, who deployed via Deep Strike and used their Multi-Melta to blast the Minotaurs transport to pieces.


image (2)image

Turn 3 – Minotaurs

The Tactical Squad made it onto the 3pt objective.

The Assault Marines arrive from Reserve and secure the second 3pt objective on the left flank.

The Deathstorm made up for its shameful performance on Turn 1, managing to kill three Legion of the Damned.  The Tactical Squad, angered by the tragic loss of their Razorback, fired on the Legion of the Damned, killing two more – not so ethereal after all!

The Devastators continue with their slow war against AV14, and took a third Hull Point off the Land Raider.

Turn 3 – Ultramarines

The Scouts continue to try and hack the Deathstorm Drop Pod to pieces, failing miserably.

The Land Raider moves towards the Tactical Squad holding the central objective.

With the Razorback gone and the Land Raider’s Flamestorm Cannons bearing down on my small Tactical Squad, securing the Siege Objective was looking very unlikely.  I was not going to be able to take it and so I was going to have to play for a draw, even though the score was currently 8-6 to me.

image (4)

Turn 4 – Minotaurs

You know when you have those turns where it all goes wrong?  Well Turn 4 was one of those turns for me in this game.  More accurately, it all went right for my opponent.  All I needed to do was to take the last remaining hull point off the Land Raider and wreck it.  My Devastators had been doing this well thus far and so expectations were high.

I roll to hit.

One hit.

I roll to glance the AV14 with one single S8 Missile.

I fail.

image (3)

Turn 4 – Ultramarines

His Chapter Master disembarks and orders an Orbital Bombardment strike against my Assault Marines. As I’m Minotaurs (and doubly hard as any mere XIII legionary) I don’t fall back from shooting attacks however he places the template directly over my Chaplain.  He rolls a ‘Hit’ on the scatter dice, he rolls ALL the wounds he can and all I have to do is roll a 4+ for my Chaplain’s Invulnerable Save.  Did I make it? Of course I didn’t. He gets a point for Slay The Warlord and kills seven Assault Marines in the process.

image (5)

Then, an audacious move on his part I must say, he moves his Land Raider up, disembarks the Tactical Squad inside and steals my 2pt home objective from me.  To add insult to injury his Scouts leap over the battlements in the centre of the board and steal a cheeky 1pt objective marker in the centre field.  The points are now all well and truly in his favour.

image (8) image (7)

A good game, hard fought.  If I had better placed my forces, effectively denying a flank I may have been in it.  However his fourth turn really made his day and lost me the game.

Final Scores

Minotaurs – 6
Ultramarines – 10

Minor Defeat

Stay tuned for the third and final part of my Escalation 2014 battle report series.

– Aph


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