Horus Heresy Apocalypse Event in Portsmouth

Today we bring you an announcement of a Horus Heresy Apocalypse event that is being organised by some friends of ours who attended our own Heresy event last year. They are looking to do something pretty crazy, if you like Super Heavies then you cannot miss this opportunity.

To fill you in with the details I shall hand you over to Zak himself:

Horus Heresy – The Big Game in Portsmouth

We are aiming to get enough Heresy gamers together to play a game with 100,000 points on the table, Yep, you heard right 100,000 points! This is going to be run in late spring/early summer this year. Date is yet to be confirmed. If we get enough people we can make it 2 days Saturday/Sunday otherwise it will be on Sunday. It will cost around £10.

It’s going to be Strictly Loyalists vs Traitors and fully painted models.

A few restrictions:
• 25% LOW limit
• 10k Max per player (but know your own limits and how fast you play)
• Minimum 2 troops and 1 HQ, after that bring what you want within the above restrictions.

Simple as that!

Here are a few armies that are coming already:

Blood Angels, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Mechanicum and Salamanders.

Death Guard, Emperor’s Children, Sons of Horus and Alpha Legion.

Both sides include a plethora of Super Heavy Tanks, Knight Titans, Warhounds and a Reaver.

We are up to about 55k at the moment!

If your interested in coming you can contact me by text:
or email:


This sounds like a blast so get in touch with Zak and get this Horus Heresy Apocalypse game up to 100k!


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