Horus Heresy Massacre Results

Horus Heresy Massacre

We held our Horus Heresy Massacre Campaign Day on Saturday and I am happy to report that it went very well. Many beautiful armies were on show as well as a bucket load of Primarchs making it a pleasure to judge Best Painted Army and Best Painted Single Miniature.

Today we will cover the actual results and standings at the end of the day but we shall be posting galleries for both the Best Painted Army and Best Painted Single Miniature nominations. Read on for the full results:

Horus Heresy Massacre Results


We had a number of different awards up for grabs, Best General (the player who scored the most Victory Points), Most Bloody ( The player that killed the most points of his enemies forces), Best Painted Army and finally Best Painted Single Miniature. Today I shall cover the first two and save the painting results for their own posts.


Best General

3rd – Olly Mew (Death Guard)

2nd – Sam McQuillan (Emperor’s Children)

1st – Zak Gregory (Salamanders)

Most Bloody

3rd – Aaron Denton (Emperor’s Children)

2nd – Zak Gregory (Salamanders)

1st – Sam McQuillan (Emperor’s Children)

Horus Heresy Massacre

More Horus Heresy Massacre Posts

We shall be running a series of posts showing the day in full. However, I wanted to get the results up as soon as possible, having played in a number of these kinds of events I know that the participants want to know exactly how they did.

Keep your eyes out for the follow up posts covering the painting awards and an all round post showing how the event was run and a look at the Horus Heresy Tactical Objectives we used.


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  • Alistair Osborne

    Hi, Thanks for a great day, enjoyed myself was exhausteed at the end, was good to meet you all and got loads of painting and Gaming tips
    The Deathgaurd army was amazing
    Goign to finish of my World eaters and get a spartan ready for the next one
    Thanks guys

    • http://thetwelveolympians.co.uk/ Zeus

      You are more than welcome mate. Cannot wait to see what you can do with World Eaters after seeing your awesome Ad Mech in the flesh!

      – Zeus