The Road to Vanquish 2015 – Aphs’ First Steps

Aph here to follow on from Zues’ intro to the Vanquish 2015 tournament hosted by the Bristol Vanguard club and to kick off my own “Road to Vanquish…”

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This will be my 3rd attempt at glory at The Bristol Vanguard’s premier 40K tournament.  This year Vanguard have opened up to allow Forgeworld armies including those 30K armies found in the Horus Heresy books. Which left me with a tough choice to make.


For the last two years I’ve been taking my Minotaurs to Vanquish with increasing success (though not stratospheric) success.  With the inclusion of Forgeworld army lists I would finally be able to field my Minotaurs using the Siege Assault Vanguard army list as I had always wanted.

[for those interested this list can be found in the second Badab War campaign book, Imperial Armour 10]


However, I have been a huge fan of everything to do with the Horus Heresy since its explosion onto the scene a few years ago.  The new models, in particular those of the Mechanicum, have opened up an exciting new dimension to the hobby for me.  Vanquish, I decided was to be the catalyst for me to finally start collecting an Adeptus Mechanicus army.


At the Time HH3: Extermination had just been released and with it the largest and fullest Mechanicum army list was born. The Taghmata Omnissiah List.  This list is what can only be regarded as the first full Mechanicum list, whereas the two previous lists released were smaller and were originally included as a means to be able to field Mechanicus units along side the Astartes Legions.


I decided to keep my list simple and on the whole use only models which had been released.  Though it would have been fun to kit bash a unit of fast moving Vorax or even convert some of the amazing Thallax into deadly Urserax I decided I wanted to wait to see what the master sculptors at Forgeworld came up with first.

I love the Castellax models,  they take me back to my earliest Sci-fi memories of evil robots, of early (very early) Saturday morning TV watching re runs of the old (very, very old) Buck Rogers in the 21st century show.

But these monstrous cybotic brutes are support units and so cannot be taken as the mandatory troop choices. This is another reason I didn’t want to take knife and glue to my Thallax as converting them would rob me of the core of my army. That and these models are also very sexy. The idea of cutting them up just seemed criminal.

My Thallax will be the staple troop choice and so I’ll be looking to include two of these units to fill up the mandatory troops choices of the army.  One larger unit to soak up damage and a smaller objective grabbing harassment unit to generally get in the way and well, harass the enemy.

On to the Castellax and like the Thallax I’ll be taking two units.  One three man (robot) unit and a lone Castellax.  The idea of the lone robot is to give him the paragon of metal rule. Which basically takes one mindless automaton killing machine and makes him even more killy !!


Not that Kili..!

You may not think it but with these four units I’m at roughly half my points already.

Us Olympians are thinking we’re going to see a fair few super heavies across the table from us at Vanquish and so began the ‘how to counter’ discussions. I’ll leave it for the other Olympians to spill the beans on how they plan to tackle such things but for me the choice was easy.

What says Evil Killer Mech Monster better than running full pelt towards the enemy and impaling the enemies largest model on a super engorged electro lance?


400 points well spent.

Well that’s it really. Oh, what? I have no warlord? No HQ you say…

All I’m going to say is I have big plans for my Archmageos. Plans of Primarch level proportionality.  He deserves a post all of his own, so watch this cog shaped space.


Aphrodite was born when Cronus cut off Uranus's genitals and threw them into the sea, laughing. Technically I'm wedded to Hephaestus but only because he's ugly and deformed and not a threat to man nor beast. In other news I've been wargaming for over twenty years. Collecting, painting and playing wargames, mainly Games Workshop stuff. I especially enjoy converting miniatures and making them my own. From simple weapon swaps to full on multi model kitbashes. I'm huge fan of the narrative side of gaming and lean heavily towards more characterful armies. Watch this space for Heretical automatons, Psycho-indoctrinated transhumans, The denizens of mortal chaos (and perhaps their Daemon allies) and the cruel and eternally spiteful elves of Nagarroth....