The Road to Vanquish 2015 – Dionysus Gets Started

Firstly, I need to say how exciting it is to be throwing out onto the world wide web my first post as an Olympian; made all the more exciting by Vanquish 2015 being my first ever VANQUISH!!!

Vanguard 2015 logo Blue

I have to admit, I have not ever been much of a meta player. “Fluff first: optimise later,” has always been my mantra. However, this time I decided to at least try and build something vaguely competitive (after all, the new kid on the block has it all to prove right….?) but that does not insult the fluffy angel glaring at me on my shoulder.

Without further ado, I announce to you all my chosen army. Drum roll please…


“The flesh is weak.”

Forward the sires of Ferrus! Much like Aph, I have always loved the background surrounding the mechanicum. Moreover, I loved the Iron Hands unique position with the priests of mars, having an undisputed favour in the level of access they have to the secrets of the Omnissiah. Now that 7th has landed, and chapter tactics with it (as well as the clan Raukaan supplement), it was time to pledge my own allegiance to the Gorgon. My Iron Hands project had been going on already, all I needed for Vanquish was to create my list and set to work on some new units.

My list choices are initially proving fairly easy to make – the master of the forge stepping up as the warlord (pictured below with a sample of my tac marines).


I really must  go back and give these models a little bit more love. Anyhow, between the master of the forge and a techmarine, I have high hopes for the survivability of my vehicles, especially when coupled with the Iron Stone giving me a 4+ IWND bubble around the master and his transport.

Speaking of transports, here’s my fast delivery system:


For me, the Stormraven is still one of the best flyers in the game. A solid, fairly dependable all rounder. I’m also having great fun getting this one painted, with much of the metallics and line highlighting to finish (have you ever line highlighted a Stormraven…? I never knew grimdark was so boxy!). I also have a new flying base to get ready courtesy of Apollo.

The final choice at this stage was my fear units. The great thing about 1750 pts is there is plenty to choose from and I know I need to go into Vanquish prepared to deal with multiple monstrous creatures and super heavies.

On that note, it seemed that you can’t go far wrong with an AV13 IWND Dreadnought and metric tonne of Grav Cannons. Particularly when you consider the Raven is more than capable of making sure these guys can get around when I need them to (on the rare occasion I’m not castling up of course).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (Apologies for the poor photo)

Built, primed and ready to be pre-shaded. Now I need a Super Heavy (because no one wants to be the guy who turns up without one).


Okay – I admit I already had that one covered but, to be honest, there seemed nothing more fitting for my Iron Hands than to be accompanied by one of the mechanicum’s finest giant melta-cannons. Not to mention I would be VERY silly if I took no D-weapons with me at all for the inevitable riptide (or two!).

Anyhow, that about sums up my thoughts thus far – next time it will all be about tanks, troops and transports.

Until then – take it easy

Dionysus x