The Road to Vanquish 2015 – Apollo’s Eldar

Greetings, fellow Eldar. The paths of the webway must have been kind to set you upon so peaceful a shore.  Come, sit with me, and slip your soul into the infinity circuit, I have a missive to the mon-keigh to craft and the strings of fate are tangled…



Welcome all! My name is Apollo.  This is my first post as part of the Road to Vanquish 2015 and it’s time to unveil my new army – the ancient and mysterious Eldar.

Last year I took a Tau force (which you can see here) and was lucky enough to somehow wrangle a 17th place in quite a competitive field.  I don’t really bring a huge amount of painting skill or creative talent to the Olympians – my role is more as a baby seal clubber and power gamer.  Fully embracing that seemed to be the way to go.  After assessing what I did right and did wrong last time, I have decided to try for the Top 10 this year, and that involved a long hard think about what was needed for this type of tournament.

Vanquish is a fantastic event run by the excellent Bristol Vanguard club, and it has a really strong focus on painting, army presentation and army selection.  There is a pretty rigorous comp system involved – the three most important rules being:

1) No more than 2 duplicates of any unit outside of Troops

2) Maximum 2 detachments in the army, including formations

3) If you don’t duplicate any unit except for your Primary Detachment Troops, you get bonus tournament points

I had a long think about the comp and initially decided to add a small Eldar add-on to my Tau army, whilst removing any duplicated units from the Tau, in order to get the variety bonus points.  Last year I missed out on these deliberately (2 Riptides RARGH!).  The Eldar/Tau list gave me a lot of different tools and great firepower on paper, but in test games it actually didn’t work fantastically – the combination of Allies of Convenience and the relative lack of markerlights compared to my normal Tau list meant that the two halves of the army actually didn’t gel with each other amazingly well.  I found that once an enemy got into the army, the Tau weren’t quick enough and the Eldar weren’t really able to support the Tau.  I spent every game trying to paper over the cracks between the two allies and it really didn’t work.  It was time for a rethink.



It was then that I had a revelation.  This year, for the first time, Vanquish have allowed both Forgeworld units and Lords of War (with some restrictions).  This led me to have a look at the Forgeworld Eldar and Tau units to see if any of those would work.

And then I saw it.  The lip-tremblingly, eye-wateringly, mouth-dryingly, heart-pumpingly wonderful thing.  The best thing.  The only thing.



The Eldar Lynx.

Don’t get me wrong, yes the model is nice, but I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the Lynx’s ruuuuules….. Oh the ruuuules…

They are a thing of beauty.  6 hull points, fast skimmer (30″ move a turn whoop whoop!), two 5″ twin-linked D pie plate shots per turn with a 60″ range, a craaaazy awesome eldar titan holofield save AND it can move as a Flyer if it wants.  It also satisfies all of the Vanquish Lord of War comp rules.

That’s not to mention that the Eldar also have the awesome Warp Hunter, Wasp Walker and Hornet from Forgeworld, combined with a very strong Codex full of interesting units.  So with that, my choice was made.  It was Puredar for me.


The List

I started to put my list together and had lots of fun building a force that ‘hacked’ the comp as much as possible – the game is to obey all the rules perfectly but still end up with a monster list.

Vanquish Eldar/Inquisition 1750pts

Primary Combined Arms Detachment

Farseer: The Spirit Stone of Anath’lan; Mantle of the Laughing God; Eldar jetbike

3 Windrider Guardians
3 Windrider Guardians
3 Windrider Guardians

3 Hornet Squadron: 3× Pulse laser ; 3× Pulse laser
3 Wasp Assault Walkers: 3× Shuriken Cannon; 3 x Shuirken Cannon; 3 x Spirit Stones

Fire Prism
Warp Hunter

Lynx: Scatter Laser

Inquisition Detachment

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor: Psyker (Mastery Level 1); force sword; 3× servo-skull

Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband
• Psyker
• Acolyte
• Acolyte

I had decided early on that the Farseer was going to be summoning Daemons.  Yes, it’s not strictly terribly fluffy, but this is a tournament and it’s time for big boy pants.  Life isn’t fair, there’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the meek shall not inherit the earth.  Frankly, passing up the opportunity to add hundreds of free points to the army over the course of the game is too difficult NOT to do.  And thus my soul is cursed forever but I shall know glory.  Rather fitting, don’t you think?

The Inquistion is there for two reasons and two reasons only – firstly the Inquisitor and the Psyker are a warp charge battery for the Farseer’s summoning antics, and secondly the servo skulls completely shut down White Scars and Ravenwing biker army Scout shenanigans.  Ensuring you get at least a couple of turns of shooting is pretty key with this army and preventing an extra 12″ move before Turn 1 is invaluable.  Not bad for 9pts!

The Guardian Jetbikes are my objective grabbers.  Having played about a dozen 7th Edition Maelstrom of War missions with them, they have to be the best Troops choice in the game in Maelstrom, hands down.  51pts for a unit with Objective Secured that can go 48″a turn?  That’s tailor-made for grabbing objectives generated each turn.  Three squads, please and thank you.

The Lynx, Fire Prism and Warp Hunter all compliment each other, as they bring a lot of long-range and flexible firepower, and sitting behind cover are pretty tough.  The Wraithknight is my ‘sweeper’ – he jumps about sticking a toe into ruins to get a 4+ cover save and popping off 2 S10 shots a turn.  When I inevitably have to kill Imperial Knights, he’ll boost up the flanks to force the ion shield facing to be a difficult decision for my opponent.

The Hornets and Wasps are my ‘toolbox’ firepower – the Hornets pump out 12 S8 48″ AP2 shots as well as moving 12″ per turn, and are incredible against basically every type of opposing unit.  They’ll go after high value targets and again, as I’m expecting lots of Imperial Knights, try and get to the flanks.  The Wasps are a real scalpel – with the ability to lay down 18 shuriken cannon shots a turn and to deploy via Deep Strike, things like enemy superheavy rear armour can never be truly safe.


Next time, I’ll be showing off the completed (and perhaps partly painted!) army.  Until then, here’s a little sneak peek… (ignore the base – that’s a stand-in!)





Apollo is a warrior. He relishes the din of battle, the clash of mighty hosts and the sharp stink of gamer funk in the morning; he lives for warfare on the battlefields of the grimdark 41st Millennium; and he laughs in the faces of puny noobs. Not for him the laudable ambition of having a Golden Daemon-level fully-painted army, or a deep appreciation of an epic backstory – Apollo thirsts for victory above all else. Fear him. For he is beardcheese incarnate.

  • Michael Virks

    I see you found the best 10pts ever spent – that scatter laser ^_^