Escalation 2014 – Aph’s experience – Game 1

Escalation Tournament BattleUX – Uxbridge

This is the old club I helped set up and run for a couple of years so I had a certain nostalgia for returning to the place.  It was super great to see some of my old gaming chums, even if half of them didn’t recognise me (snazzy new haircut don’t you know).

The Mission


The fist game was “Vanguard Objectives” (Vanguard Assault set up with 3 objectives down the centre line of the board.  The 2 outer objectives worth 1VP and the middle one worth 2)

The Army

At 500 points I think many people struggled to build a list.  It’s a difficult points level to start with especially as you can’t add to the units later games apart from Dedicated Transports).  I took a full Tactical Squad with all the plasma weaponry I could muster and as I was using the Siege Assault Vanguard list from Imperial Armour 10: Badab War Vol.2  I had Siege Mantlets available to me (see my separate posts on my Minotaurs army for pics and details).  Which would allow me to re-roll my armour saves, but not run.  However against Tau, a Farsight Enclave no less, I expected to see a lot of plasma and relatively speaking, I did.

Escalation 2014 - Deployment


The Enemy

I was facing 12 Kroot infiltrating and two 3 man XV-8 teams.  The first Crisis Team team all had Missile Pods and Interceptor.  The second team of 3 suits all had Plasma Rifles and were accompanied by 3 Markerlight Drones.

Escalation 2014 - Deployment: Kroot perspective

Deployment: Kroot perspective

Escalation 2014 - Deployment: Suit perspective

Deployment: Suit perspective

The Game

I managed to go first and moved my Tactical Squad immediately into the nearest ruins.  After all, re-rolling saves wouldn’t matter a damn against all that AP2 plasma which my opponent was holding in reserve.

Escalation 2014 - Tac Marines hunker down

Tactical Marines hunker down

I was holding my Assault Squad in Reserve and so the only other thing I had left to do was to shoot at the Missile Pod Crisis Suits.  I managed to knock one down.  That’ll be 4 less Strength 7 shots next turn!

My enemy moved his Kroot round the building they had infiltrated behind and also seeing my Plasma Cannon move up jumped his suits down 6″ away.  After that he opened up at me with everything he had.  I lost 3 Marines to the combined fire.  Those re-rolls really paid off.

Turn 2 and my Assault Marines turn up.  They Deep Striked (apparently this is the correct past tense form of ‘Deep Strike’ :p) just in Plasma Pistol range of the Crisis Suits and preceded to fell one of the suits in the shooting phase.  My Tactical Squad stayed put in the ruins and fired on the Kroot killing 6, they broke and ran towards the table edge.

Escalation 2014 - Assault Marines arrive

Assault Marine arrive

In Turn 3 the Crisis Suits with Plasma Rifles turned up and killed 3 of my Assault Marines. A lucky Deep Strike roll for me as the Crisis Team scattered almost out of range and 3 Marines is all they could kill. My Tactical squad finished off the Missile Pod Crisis Suits and watched as the Kroot carried on towards the board edge.

I should mention here that as part of the Siege Assault Vanguard list I have a special objective called “The Siege Objective” which before the game my enemy gets to place anywhere on the battlefield. If I don’t have control of this objective at the end of the game I can only hope for a draw.

The ‘Iron Throne’ was deep in enemy territory, in the completely opposite direction to the plasma wielding crisis suits.

My Assault Squad moved at all speed towards the Plasma Suits realising that, Siege Objective or not, I would not last long at all in a shootout with all that S7 AP2 fire so I needed to get into combat as quickly as possible.

Which I did!  I lost a further 2 Assault Marines to Overwatch but my shooting and assault combined wiped out the unit.  Thunder Hammer wielding Sergeant takes a bow here for flattening 2 Crisis Suits.

With the plasma threat gone it was all over bar the shouting. I finished of the Kroot and the lone Missile Pod Suit in the backfield and tabled the guy T4.

Heroic victory with full honours to me.

It was a good start to the day, much better than I had expected.

– Aph


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