Back In The Game – 30k, 40k, AoS, Infinity and more!

Back In The Game!

The Olympians have been going through a quiet patch on the blog recently; with house moves, weddings, job changes and all sorts of “real life” happenings we’ve all not had time to dedicate to the blog and sharing our hobby enthusiasm with the world. Fret not, for those of you who have missed us (anyone?), we’ll be posting a fair bit more in the lead-up to the end of the year and hopefully will be getting more regular content to you in 2016.

Back In The Game - Warhammer Age of Sigmar

The Age of Sigmar

One of the biggest shake-ups of the year was the release of Age of Sigmar to replace Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition. First there were the rumours, then a few blurry pictures of some Skaven on round bases, Lizardmen players got excited/upset with they disappeared off into space during The End Times but I’m not sure anyone was really ready for what happened at the end of the final End Times book and Games Workshop certainly surprised me with the complete reshaping of what we knew as Warhammer Fantasy. I have to say, I’m not one of the Age of Sigmar haters, and I have played a few games – it’s fun, simplified and the models look fantastic of round bases. I can always forgive Games Workshop for smashing aside Warhammer Fantasy when they release such awesome models like the Tzeentch Gaunt Summoner recently!

Back In The Game - Warhammer Tzeentch Gaunt Summoner

Another Tale Of…

Some of you may remember the Tale of Fantasy Gamers series we ran earlier this year. We loved jumping into our new armies, but sadly with all the craziness surrounding Warhammer Fantasy at the time, enthusiasm dropped and no-one really finished their armies. With the advent of Age of Sigmar, most of the group decided to focus on their 40k and Infinity projects, but stay tuned for a discussion on Kings of War as an alternative to Warhammer Fantasy, as well as a whole new round of the “Tale of” series. What it will be focussed on is undecided as of yet, but there has been talk of Infinity or 30k. What would you prefer to see on the blog?

Back In The Game - Infinity the Game

Betrayal at Calth… and Istvaan… and elsewhere!

On the subject of 30k, we can’t ignore the recent release of Betrayal at Calth, Games Workshops first mainstream foray into plastic miniatures for the increasingly popular 30k game that Forge World have been smashing out for years. A few of the Olympians have had fledgling 30k forces in various states of disassembly and unpaintedness, but this set has really fuelled a resurgence of interest in Horus’ historic shenanigans. I have been trying various test schemes for my Alpha Legion, Mark (Hermes) has been working on his Imperial Fists whilst starting a small fledgling Sons of Horus force and the rest of the Olympians have been deliberating over which Legion to start. It’s only a matter of time before our little galaxy is afire with the flames of Heresy! Stay tuned for more posts from the team about our descent in 30k.

Back In The Game - Warhammer 30k Betrayal at Calth Game

To Infinity and Beyond!

Another game that’s new(ish) to the group has really caught on with most of the Olympians, this time from Corvus Belli. Hades has long been extolling the virtues of this D20-based sci-fi skirmish game in many of his posts. Joel (Hades) even recently came first in DataSphere’s recent painting competition with the miniature shown below, cracking effort!  Ryan (Pan), Joel and I recently returned from a local tournament hosted at Promethean Games. I’ll be sharing some pics of the event itself in due course.

Back In The Game - Infinity the Game Panowner

Ye Old Faithful

Naturally, we haven’t forgotten about old friends, and Warhammer 40k is very much still on our gaming radars. It’s such a wargaming staple, no matter how crazy it gets, the models and background will always keep me in the game. Ian (Apollo) and I have been on absolute army sprees over the past year. Ian has a pile of Flesh Tearers, Ravenwing, Knights and Tau that need starting/finishing and I’ve been making progress on my Blood Angels at the expense of my Astra Militarum Armoured Company, Tyranids and other projects which have been left at the wayside. I’ll be sharing my Blood Angels progress soon and hopefully making a decent start on the tanks of the Astra Militarum in 2016!

Back In The Game - Warhammer 40k Ravenwing Tyranids

Until next time, readers! Check back throughout the coming days for a daily(ish) dose of hobby goodness.

Happy gaming!

– Ares