Review – Gaming Mats from for Infinity and X-Wing

I’ve been considering getting a couple of gaming mats for a while, but I finally found one that I liked. Is it any good? Read on to find out!

An Olympian First

This post represents a “first” for me, it’s the first time I’ve posted a hobby items review on the blog. The Internet, for all its sins, is an incredibly useful tool for us gamers, but it’s blog posts and forum content from the community that really adds the most value. If I ever want to know the best way to assemble a specific kit, I can just type it into Google and find another gamer who has had a similar problem and has decided to post about it on the web. For this exact reason, I’m writing my first hobby item review on this gaming mat from

Gaming Mat Review - Mat

Which Gaming Mats?

Initially I struggled to find a gaming mat I liked that wouldn’t cost the earth either to buy or ship from the USA. It was then that I discovered! They do a great selection of mats. If you’re looking for something to fly spaceships on, fight fantasy battles on or wage war in the future – they’ve got something for you. Check out selection here: 6×4 mats and 4×4 mats.

The Material

The mats themselves are made out of a really great material, just like a mousemat. This means that when you take them out of their tubes (more on which later) there are no corners to weigh down, like with some vinyl mats. The material is firm in structure, but soft, so if you knock over any fragile metal models (I’m looking at you, Infinity!) they’re less likely to break.

Gaming Mat Review - Material

Storage Tubes

If you buy one of the gaming mats, you’ll get a free case to carry it in, but one of the options that give is a thick cardboard carrying tube. This tube is absolutely 100% worth it, I store my mats in the garage when they’re not in use and I can chuck them into the back of the car without worrying about what’s on top of them, or them getting bent out of shape.

Gaming Mat Review - Storage Tube


In the end, I opted for a space mat and a sci-fi mat to play games of X-Wing and Infinity on respectively. Both were ordered in the 4×4 size and I ordered storage/carry tubes for them too. The gaming mats arrived quickly and postage was utterly reasonable, considering they were being delivered from Czech Republic. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but overall I am very satisfied. The material is great, the images on the mats are decent quality and overall they’re a fantastic way to get a battlefield looking good with minimal effort and expense.

40k or Infinty Gaming Mat


If you have any questions on any of these gaming mats, feel free to leave or comment, or contact directly here.

Until next time, happy hobbying!

– Ares



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