Thy Soul to Keep Mordheim Campaign

Now that we have our Mordheim gaming board nearing completion we are planning on running our first Mordheim campaign as a group. For this we are using the Thy Soul to Keep Mordheim Campaign published a while back in White Dwarf. More after the break…

Our campaign is centred on a certain area of Mordheim, known as the Death’s Head district. This area is the hunting ground of Soloman Vantor’s minions and where our priests of Morr have been directed to through their dream-visions. The district itself runs from the ruined south-west wall encompassing the gaol (old english spelling for jail), along the south side of the Old Palace Road that leads to the banks of the River Stir, down the west side of the river bank and once more to the city wall.

deaths head

I was very keen to try out this campaign as I feel it adds a lot of flavour. Mordheim campaigns have loads of potential to add a great theme to your games, especially if you add a rich back story to your campaigns, such as a particular enemy to fight or an area to explore. Another good example is a campaign points system which allows players to gain awards as the campaign progresses, this is something we’ll try in a later campaign.

The Format for the campaign is also very simple without needlessly complicating things for the players. The campaign pack adds 3 area specific scenarios for the players to fight and a final battle with all players facing Soloman Vantor (the campaigns protagonist) in a bid to stop him completing his evil scheme.

We’ll be posting up our progress and results as we go through the campaign. If you want to try it out yourself check out the links below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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