Warfare Reading – Wargames Show – Part 2

Yesterday I reviewed the retail side of Warfare, today I’ll take you through some of our favourites from the demo games and tournaments perspective. More after the jump:

The demo games and the majority of the tournaments are held in the main hall of the sports center, whilst the 40k event and a couple of others are slightly off to the side in the squash courts area.

Demo Games

There were a number of demo games over a wide range of formats involving historical games and various others. I managed to get a few snaps below but there were many more.

DSCF1390 DSCF1391 DSCF1392 DSCF1417

Atlas from Promethean Games runs a demo game for X-Wing.


Don’t let that child’s face fool you I’m sure this game was more intense than he was letting on.



Warhammer Tournament

Below are some of the highlights of what we saw of the Warhammer tournament (at least before my camera began running out of power).

A very nice looking High Elf army:



What looked to quite a decisive combat unfolding in the middle of this table:



Some nice winter-themed Wood Elves, took quite a few pictures at Ares’ insistence:


Yet more Wood Elves:


This was an awesome looking Christmas-themed Dwarf army with some very nice conversions, I only regret not being able to get a shot of the whole army:

DSCF1404 DSCF1412 DSCF1413

A nice Undead army I came across, I always appreciate a good Undead army:

DSCF1414 DSCF1416

Warhammer 40k Tournament

Below are some of the highlights of what we saw of the Warhammer 40k tournament at Warfare Reading, again my camera was on its last legs here but I managed to get a few snaps. One thing we did notice was the number of Imperial Knights dotted around the room.

Case in point:



Below is the Imperial Knight army of Dave, the manager of GW Reading. It’s a very nice army, and he conceded that he wasn’t there to make many friends (he’s a nice guy so I let him off), see the images below. Unfortunately he couldn’t fit his lancer into the list, but the rest are impressive.

DSCF1421 DSCF1422 DSCF1423 DSCF1424 DSCF1425


Overall I was very impressed with the way the event was run and the amount of different things there were to do. Unfortunately we were unable to spend all day there as we certainly would, definitely will be attending in future years (with much more cash available). We may also consider entering into some of the tournaments that are held, although I may need to buy some Imperial Knights first!

– Hermes

  • Caesar Slattery

    Warfare2014 – Best Participation Game – Pirates

    • Dangermouse425

      Pirates? Who makes this game? It looks interesting, do you have a link for the game system’s website?

      – Ares

      • Caesar Slattery

        Pirates participation game
        Wessex Wargamers Winchester designed and ran our Pirates “Cursed Gold” Participation Game throughout Warfare 2014 (we had to run two games when oversubscribed!)

        The Pirate Captain characters are key – ours had (1) Governor, (2) the Daughter of the Governor who was captured by (3) the pirate “Greybeard”, and then (4) pirate “Jim Lad” helped her escape..
        …now each has recruited a Pirates band to seek the Lost Treasure that their Treasure Map shows …somewhere… on this abandoned Island… but WHY has the Island been abandoned for many many years?… There must be some unexpected reason….

        (There is a Treasure Chest that you can find on the abandoned Island… but there are also unexpected surprises you may discover too… or they may discover YOU…)

        Rules are here https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/wessexwargamerswinchester/files/Warfare2014/
        Cursed Gold Participation game V1.0.docx
        Designed for everyone (even non-gamers) to “Pick up and play and enjoy”, rules can be one A4 size page of rules using just 1d10.

        Agility=Dodge, Hand-to-hand, Shooting, Bravery= don’t “Freeze” (unable to act) when something scary arrives next to you.

        Your chance to Dodge or to Hit or to Shoot or to NOT “Freeze” is your ability score or less on 1d10.

        Crew have 20 points to split between the 4 Characteristics (max 7 on any Characteristic if you reduce other Characteristic(s), average is 5 in each Characteristic)

        Pirate Captain has 26 points and First Mate has 25 points of Characteristics scores (max 7 or 8 in any one Characteristic). Captain has 2 wounds, rest of crew are knocked out if they lose 1 wound after failing their Agility “Dodge” roll.

        If I can help, just ask me or just email “Wessex Wargamers Winchester” Contact Us page.