Warfare Reading – Wargames Show – Part 1

This Weekend myself (Hermes), Zeus and Ares decided to trek over to Wargames Association of Reading‘s annual event Warfare. This was my first year attending Warfare Reading so I had little idea of what to expect, in this first part I will go over the retail area of the event. More after the jump:


This event is held at the Rivermead Sports Complex in Reading. It is broken down into a few areas; Retail, Bring and Buy, Tournaments and Demo Games. I’ll go over the retail area and the various stands that we stopped and chatted to.

Bring and Buy

Located just to the left as we entered this was the area dedicated to members of the public who wanted to bring their items in order to sell them.  Nothing particularly exciting here, after all, this is what eBay is for.


The main hall was packed with retailers from across the UK. With so many awesome products on show we spent a long time in the hall, checking out everything from Warhammer to Infinity and everything in between.



The first stand we stopped at was Warmill. Recently we have been getting into Infinity so this was one of the stands I was keen to go and have a look at. They had some good quality terrain on show (I eventually went back and picked up a piece for my collection). Overall they have some really nice pieces that add some character to your gaming table, so I will definitely be looking to get more in the future.

Stafford Games


There was then a quick stop off at the Stafford Games stand. Some very pleasant staff manning this, helping us pick up a few items.

Black Scorpion Miniatures


This is a company I have briefly glanced at at a number of occasions, so it was nice to see the full range in the flesh so to speak. They have a great range of pirate miniatures that impressed us, there was immediately talk of them being used in a pirate themed Mordheim campaign so watch this space..

Some close up shots of the display cases.





Antenocitis Workshop Ltd


This was the stand we had been excited about coming into this event, especially with the Kickstarter launching on Monday we were hoping for a sneak peek at what we could expect. Alas as there was still much to work on for the Kickstarter (rather understandably as it all looks stunning, we were also blown away by the speed of the funding Monday night). However we did have a pleasant chat to Nadine who was manning the stand, whilst having a look at the good range of products they already produce.




Simple Miniature Games

This stand had a truly great amount of Infinity at a very reasonable 25% off deal (Buy 3 get the 4th free). At one point we had to drag Zues away from making some very expensive decisions but did make our way back later for a couple of small purchases. Very friendly guys with a good knowledge of Infinity which we exploited with a few questions about what would work in our respective lists.



Below you can see their display cases full of Infinity minatures:





KR Multicase

Kaiser Rushforth were present, as always, with some good deals and we ended up chatting for quite a while with them at their stand.

(I just wanted to jump in here and say what an amazing company KR are.  I’ve been using their cases for 40k, WHFB, X-Wing and Infinity for ages.  Their cases offer quality protection for your armies at affordable prices and have an amazing modular system which means I can take armies to tournaments in aluminium cases, or in a backpack on my motorbike. The flexibility is fantastic. Whilst at Warfare I mentioned in passing that my huge aluminium carry case’s handle had broken, and Daryl from KR sorted me out with a replacement.  I’ve not experienced such excellent customer service in a very long time. Daryl, thank you!

If you’re not familiar with the company, check them out at www.krmulticase.com.  – Ares)

There were also some other retailers that we bumped into but unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any pictures of (too distracted by buying things).


Warfare Reading is a really well-run event, you can tell the amount of effort that was put in by the team behind it. Next year I definitely need to bring more cash with me as I feel like I missed out a bit on the chance for a great deal in places. Come back tomorrow when I go over the demo games areas and show you some of our favourite armies from the tournaments.

– Hermes