The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Ares’ Wood Elves – Part 3

Taking a slight break from assembling the Imperial Knights, I thought I’d share the first Warhammer Fantasy unit I’ve ever painted fully! Check out more pics after the break.

It has been a while since we last had an update from all things square based in our Tale of Fantasy Gamers series, everyone at Chez Olympus seems to have been gripped by Vanquish fever and most of the Olympians are either furiously assembling their new armies, testing their lists or putting paint to model. Since I had no Chaos Black primer, I revisited my Wood Elves to give me something to do until I managed to get myself another can of paint.

Wild Riders of Kurnous

The new Wood Elf Wild Riders are such fantastic models that I felt compelled to paint them first. I had already made a start on the Steeds of Kurnous a few months ago, having painted the base colours on most of my army as detailed in my previous post in the Tale of Fantasy Gamers series. I know it has taken a while (several months), but I finally finished the unit.

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Wood Elf Wild Riders Front

Affectionately known as the Reindeer Death Squad, these Wild Riders have been performing admirably in most of my games. As long as they get the charge, they are brutal. If they’re charged though, they’re just T3 Elves with a single Attack each, wearing armour made of wet cardboard. They tend to evaporate pretty rapido.

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Wood Elf Wild Riders SlantAs I mentioned, I am a huge fan of these models. The most time-consuming part of painting the Wild Riders was their cloaks, though the fact I painted most of the models in subassemblies also slowed the whole process down. I will be using the spare pieces from the kit to assemble some Sisters of the Thorn. I have made a test model, using the Elven Steed from the Glade Rider kit and will hopefully get some pictures up in my next post.

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Wood Elf Wild Riders Rear

One product I hadn’t used before was Games Workshop’s Agrellan Earth, from the Technical Paint series. I now can’t wait to base the rest of my army, as this paint is a simple yet effective way of creating really awesome bases. I used an autumn basing kit to add further texture and interest to their bases, but the cracked earth effect really looks awesome. Here’s a close up on the bases, I tried to apply the Agrellan Earth in varying thicknesses to achieve a different level of cracking on different parts of the bases.

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Wood Elves Wild Riders Base

What Next?

I have a dozen Waywatchers to paint, a score of Glade Guard and a few characters. It would make sense to crack on with them, but in a fit of hobby enthusiasm, I converted another Spellsinger from the excellent Dark Elf Sorceress kit. I hope you like the kitbash.

Tale of Fantasy Gamers - Wood Elf Spellsinger

I suspect she’ll be looking slightly more like one of the Asrai once she’s been painted in the autumnal colour scheme of my army, but I think the head swap and staff conversion really works, even if I do say so myself.

Until next time!

– Ares