3rd Party Base Companies – Resin Bases For Wargaming

If like me the thought of having to base large armies leaves you somewhat in a muddle, or if you want to add a finishing touch to a small warband, sorting through the very large amount of scenic base companies can be a somewhat daunting task. Below I have put together a list of 3rd party companies that make resin bases, with links to the sites where you can purchase them. More after the jump:

All Your Resin Bases Are Belong To Us

Below is a list of all of the companies that make resin bases I have come across, with the locations and a quick review of each company and what they offer you:

Anarchy models – A small UK based company, they currently have a small range of round rocky resin bases

Antenociti’s Workshop – A UK based company, they currently make a range of round resin bases to go with a number of games systems. The main area is a good range of Infinity-style bases, but they also makes some bases that could be suitable for 40k and some good basing kits also available.

Tech Bases

Armourcast – A US based company with a good selection of resin bases suitable for games including Warmachine, Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy. They also have a cool selection of ‘Gallery’ bases which could be used for display pieces or special characters.

Back 2 Base-ix – An Australian based company that do a range of bases suitable for Warmachine, Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy amongst others.

Base-X-of-War – UK based. This company has lots of resin bases as well as some basing materials. They also have a cool selection of movement trays designed to fit with the style of bases. There is also a range of special bases which can be used for displat purposes. Postage seems reasonable as well.

Bases 4 war – A UK based company that make bases suitable for both Warhammer 40,000 and Warmachine. Very reasonable prices and postage as well. I personally use their ‘Battlefield Debris’ range of bases for my Orks so would thoroughly recommend them.

Black Cat Bases – UK based company. They have a large range of both round and square resin bases suitable for a variety of games. They also produce a range of metal base inserts suitable for round lipped bases.

Brush 4 Hire – US based company. They have a small number of base inserts for both sci-fi and fantasy ranges.

Champ Industries – US based. they make Pre-Terrain Industrial & Urban Design 25mm Bases. Look quite nice but have a very limited range currently.

Daemonscape – UK based company. They have a good range of both round and square resin bases. Simple designs which keeps the costs at a reasonable level, less than £3 for 10 round or 20 25mm square bases. Worth a look if you want resin bases on a tight budget.

Dark Realm Miniatures – UK Based. This company has a small number of terrain bases with round inserts for models to sit in. Good for display use but no real game based usage.

Dragon Forge – US based. They have a nice range of bases in round, square and round lipped styles. The resin bases, whilst detailed, are still quite flat so will be easy to place models on them. On the more expensive side at $10 for 10 but look worth it.

Epicast – US based. The website isn’t that easy to look at as it seems to alter the images slightly making them difficult to see. However the quality of the bases themselves looks quite good, sold in packs of 5 for $5 for 25mm bases. Range of bases includes round, square and round lipped bases.

Evil Mushroom Games – UK based company. A fairly small but decent range of all variety of bases. Fairly cheap as wel, at £2.99 for 10 25mm bases. They have some simple designs like rocky crags and tech bases, as well as having some different and more detailed pieces.

Fantascape – UK based Company. I have used this company myself a few times for a number of projects. A good range of products that fit for Warmachine, Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy. Very detailed casts and I haven’t had an issue with them as of yet. I personally recommend the Wyrdstone Mines bases, perfect for use with Mordheim Warbands and Skaven armies.

Fenris Games – UK based. Nice range of bases with some different styles. Sell a wide variety of bases sizes as well, price is reasonable at around £5 for 12 25mm bases.

Flames of war – UK Based. They sell a range of bases that fit their range of historical minatures.

ForgeCraft Games – US based company. A good range of simple base designs at a low cost. Good for doing large amounts of basing. The designs are also mostly quite flat so will be easy to attach models to them.

Foundations of war – UK based company. Reasonable variety of styles of bases over a range of base styles and size. Price is reasonable at £3.50 for 10 25mm round bases. Look like they will be easy to attach models to so again will be good for larger projects.

Hassle Free Minatures – UK based company. Sell a range of resin inserts for both round and square bases. Bases are of a basic design but look nicely detailed. The company also sell other basing products.

Hi Tech Minatures – European company. Small range of detailed bases, only do round bases of various sizes. The bases themselves look nice however lack flat surfaces so it could be difficult to base some models on them. I would advise planning ahead if you are thinking of buying these.

Hungry Troll – European company. Have a small range of products, although the site says this should be expanding soon. Detail/quality looks ok. The price is probably more on the expensive side when compared with other similar products.

Iron Halo Bases – New Zealand Based. Good range of based across all styles of bases. The prices are reasonable however as the company is based in New Zealand shipping could be an issue. Worth looking at due to the detail and quality of the bases.

Kerr and King Bases – UK based. Reasonable range of round lipped bases. The site is quite difficult to navigate as it is just a list without images initially. The detail looks good but i would say these are more on the expensive side.

Kromlech – Polish based company. Have a small range of basing materials. I’ve personally found them useful for more awkward bases such as bases for flyers.

Micro Art Studio – Polish based Compnay. Make a range of bases. Particularly good for their infinity bases as they are a partner of Corvus Belli. Also do ranges of bases suitable for other game formats. Good quality casts and very detailed designs. Are also available form a range of retailers.

Model Display Products – UK based. Reasonable range of bases in a range of base styles and sizes. Detail is reasonable for the price, around £4 for 10 25mm bases. The company also have a range of display bases and character bases. Worth looking at if you are doing a display piece.

Northumbrian Soldier – UK based. Nice range of detailed bases. Very nice looking bases, slightly more expensive due to the extra detail with 5 round bases costing you £4. Worth using for smaller projects like infinity but costs would begin to mount up with larger projects.

PK Pro – Germany based. Good range of bases in a variety of styles, the company also do some display bases. Price is reasonable and the level of detail is good.

Ramshackle Games – UK based. Small Range of quite detailed bases. Price is reasonable as well. Would be best used for smaller projects as the reduced variety wouldn’t be an issue.

Scibor Miniatures – Poland based company. Very wide range of detailed bases for a variety of different base types. More on the expensive side due to the increased detail. Very good for hero bases when you want a character to really stand out.

Secret Weapon Minatures – US based. Very large range of bases in a variety of round bases including display bases for miniatures. The range of styles impressed me with this store, even some that I haven’t seen in many others (such as tau bases). Reasonable pricing as well.

Table Top Art – Germany based. A small but detailed selection of styles for each of the base types used currently. Price is slightly more towards the higher end, but there are bundle deals to help with this. Worth a look for smaller projects.

Third Eye Nuke – UK based. More of a commission company but they do have a rubble landscape product.

Tiny Worlds – UK based company. Have a decent range of bases over the 3 main base types, also sell movement trays that match their products. Price is very reasonable at around £3.50 for 10 round bases. Simple designs so good for large basing projects.

Twilight Emporium – US based. The site is worth a look at itslef as there is quite a lot of content there. They sell a small range of round edge bases as well. Price is reasonable as well.

Warbases – UK based. Dont actually sell resin bases but they do a range of MDF bases for basing miniatures.


As you can see there are a wide variety of companies offering a solution for your basing needs, whether it’s resin bases, or MDF. Which base you choose will most probably depend on the theme you are going for, personal taste and cost. If I have missed any out let me know in the comments below.

– Hermes


My Name is Mark, Previously I have worked on DaMekshop hobby blog centered around my ever increasing ork collection. As my interests diversified my needs as a blogger have changed, from being primarily an ork player I have moved into a wider range of Games Workshop games and armies to other formats such as x wing.

  • http://www.feedyournerd.com/ greggles

    I’m a huge dragonforge base fan. All the bases are made by a single person, which means your purchase money is going to just one guy. Jeff (the owner and builder) is also very responsive on facebook and email, which is nice! (and he takes feedback on new designs). Highly recommend. If you feel 10 for 10 is too much, he runs sales now and then (10-15% off).

    • Hermes

      I have to say when i looked i was impressed by the detail with his bases, don’t get me wrong when i said they were on the expensive side, you do tend to get what you pay for in terms of quality

      Thanks for your recommendation, I may check them out in more detail one day

      • http://www.feedyournerd.com/ greggles

        Keep in mind I am also quite biased. 🙂 The only other bases I’ve seen first hand were free bases from a tournament, and I don’t think they qualify as a direct comparison with Jeff’s from dragonforges.

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    Awsome list! Thanks for doing this!

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