Lustria Terrain 1

I’ve recently been looking to make myself some terrain so that I can play some games at home, as well as playing on some different boards from just a few hills and trees. So I decided this weekend to make a start on some Lustria terrain to go with my Lizardmen that I painted as part of our Tale of Gamers series. More after the jump:

Jungle Foliage

The first place I started was some small areas of foliage just to get an idea of how I wanted everything to look and to see how the aquarium plants I got from eBay look when used with the base colours used with the Lizardmen.

Lustria Terrain

Lustria Terrain 2

The bases were made from MDF cut into shape with the edges rounded off. The rocks and gravel that I used to texture the base were the same ones used to base the Lizardmen army. From here I used a black basecoat, then Mournfang Brown followed by Balor Brown, I picked out some rocks with Dawnstone and Mechanicus Standard Grey before finishing off the base with Screaming Skull.

Lustria Terrain 3

A WIP shot of a couple of pieces.

The plastic plants were then glued on with some flock on the bases. The larger plant was pinned in place to provide some stability, although I may pin all of the plants as they don’t always seem stable at first. I’ll be making a few more of these to scatter around the board.

Spawning pool

The next piece I wanted to do was a larger piece of Warhammer specific terrain (I plan at some point to have a mixture so I can use it for either Warhammer or 40k), so next on my list was a Spawning Pool.

Spawning Pool

To form the base I bought an Arcane Ruins base from eBay and mounted this to some MDF.

Spawning Pool 3

I’m using Hirst Arts blocks to form the edge of the pool Rocks were piled in the corners to start blending the ruins into the base.


The large rocky areas were rock moulds from Woodland Scenics. The rest of the base has been finised off with a mixture of gravel, slate, grit and sand as with the bases for the foliage. you can see more of the pool edge on the base of the ruins.

Spawning Pool 3

Base coated in black and ready for painting

Next Time

Check back later this week for more progress on the terrain

  • greggles

    Wonderful terrain buildup Mark!

    • Hermes

      Thanks Greggles, hopefully there will be more progress next week to show

    • Dangermouse425

      Have to agree with Greggles here, Mark, it’s looking ace!