Mordheim Board and Terrain – Part 5



Hermes and I had a very quick Mordheim board-building session this weekend where we worked on one of the foundations for the buildings.  Click for more after the break.

In order to maximise the number of dark alleys, bloodstained chokepoints and sniper spots for archers we decided to build a few raised areas to place buildings on, which should add more depth to the board itself.  After all, battles in the City of the Damned aren’t just fought at street level!

One of the issues we found with using cast Hirst Arts moulds is that the gap between each block could look rather unsightly.  We overcame this on the main board by using PVA and sand, and needed to repeat this process for the raised platforms.  Here you can see the platform before we started working on it.


PVA glue was thinned down with water and sloshed all over the Hirst Arts blocks.


Sand was then dumped all over the blocks.  There’s no need to be particularly tidy at this point.  This is Mordheim after all!  The sand is then spread over the blocks, ensuring it gets into all the cracks.  The excess is brushed off, but be careful not to be too enthusiastic here, as the sand needs to remain in the gaps between the blocks.

We repeated these steps with the second platform, a messy process all-in, but certainly one that’s worth it when you see the difference at the end.  The platforms are then given an undercoat of black spray.  We undercoated the bridges at the same time.  These pieces of the Mordheim board are now ready to be painted in the same manner as the main board in my previous post.

Mordheim Board 15

Sadly Hermes and I had to stop there, the lure of Infinity was too much.  I had just received my Aleph Starter Box in the post, and Hermes had some new Yu Jing toys that he bought at Warfare.

Check back soon for some more Mordheim board-building action.

Until then, happy gaming!

– Ares