Mordheim Pirates – WIP 2

Last time I went over the start of my Mordheim Pirates warband with the Heroes. See the rest of the warband after the jump:


The first 2 groups of henchmen I put together were the crew. The first group is armed with swords and the second are armed with clubs. I mainly did this too keep costs down so that I could afford more toys for other areas in the warband. Also as these groups will be used as backup/fodder for the combat orientated heroes I didn’t want to invest too much gold into them. The crew were mostly put together from the Empire Militia kit with a few extras from other Empire kits thrown in.


My favourite crew member is the guy with the bottle who is not so subtly hiding his sword behind his back.


The ‘main’ henchmen groups for the warband come in the form of the various gunner groups. These have been broken down into 3 areas to help provide fire support and flexibility during games. The first group provide the long range support in terms of handguns, whilst the second lone gunner carries a blunderbuss into battle with him. The last group is there for more close range support and to help out in combat so they are armed with a pistol and sword each.



The Handgunners are from the Empire kit of the sam name, whilst the blunderbuss is from the militia kit



Being a big fan of the Slayer Pirate models I had to include one as one of my gunners.

Group Shot

Here is the full shot of the warband as it stands. I hope to add a few more crew members in the form of swabbies and boatswains in the future. I’d also like a hired sword Ogre to add some extra muscle too.


Hopefully I can get these guys painted up soon so my warband can start raiding Mordheim in search of fortune!