Vampire Counts Army – Part 1

Recently I have started a new army project for a friend, having always had dreams of a Vampire Counts Army I spoke to Athena (our most secretive of members) and offered to build and paint his army for him. We quickly set about writing a rough list (back in the time of 8th edition), then I set to work. See my first steps after the jump:

The first step was really to chose a theme for the army as I wanted to build cool scenic bases to make the army really stand out. Vampire Counts really lend themselves to graveyard themed armies and bases surprisingly so after grabbing a Garden of Morr I decided to go with that. There is also plenty of inspiration and ideas on Google for this very theme. The army was to be built around a couple of big blocks of skeletons and grave guard, with some other units added in for flavour.

Skeleton Unit 1


Vampire Counts Part 1



As you can see from the above pictures the first stage is just to decide the layout on the block of bases. After this the large areas of plastic had to be cut up to fit onto the individual bases. Finally the texture was added to the base with a mixture of sand and grit.

Skeleton Unit 2



This was the only image I managed to get of the building stages of this base. Lessons were learnt from the first block however so the skeletons were glued on first before the sand as this made it awkward later when building.






Again this unit took the same approach as the units of infantry. However I wanted this unit to stand out and with the gate from the Garden of Morr set being suitably imposing this was used to add a backdrop to the unit. The unit is accompanied by a necromancer so he was taken into account when the layout of the bases was decided.




This is just a couple of quick shots of all 3 units waiting to be painted

Check back later in the week when I go over the rest of the army