Vampire Counts Army – Part 2

Earlier this week I started to take you through my latest project, today I’ll finish off going through the build stage of the Vampire counts army. More after the jump:

Vampire Lord





The Vampire Lord was built to lead a Black Knights unit into battle in smaller games, eventually this guy will become a Thrall and I’ll build another on a Zombie Dragon but for now this guy will be leading the army. The Horse is from the Chaos Knights box set with all of the Chaos insignia removed. I modelled on a few scratches to cover up where the more chaosy bits had been.



Here is the Vampire Lord leading the unit of Black Knights. I decided to have the bases in less of a set scenic pattern than the large blocks of infantry for the sake of ease, not only when initially building the unit but in setting up as well. One thing I am finding with the newer Vampire Counts kits is the lack of surface area for gluing certain parts like arms and heads to the main body, this does leave the model quite brittle and prone to bits coming off.



IMG_0708 (1)


This Guy is the big centrepiece for the army. I wanted to get the sense of him stalking something through the graveyard, having seen this done a few times I found the look I wanted to emulate. The Initial plan was to have him on one tomb, however this proved too hard to work out in terms of posing. Once I had worked out where the two tombs were going I added some more details around the base. This is probably the miniature I am looking forward to painting the most.

Dire Wolves


The Last thing to add was some Dire Wolves, either to be fielded as 2 units of 5 or a single unit. Not much was done to these guys again in terms of basing. I have to say I found these kits to be fairly fiddly to put together due to having to stick the ribs in. Otherwise I just scattered some skulls around the bases and built the movement trays as usual for the units

Check back next time when I start painting.



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  • greggles

    Beautiful job on the lord and the terrorgist!

    • Hermes

      Thanks Greggles, its easily my favourite part of the project so far