The Road to Vanquish 2015 – Ares’ Imperial Knights – Part 3

Only three days to go and Ares is battling the clock to finish his Chaotic Imperial Knight Household. Today he discusses building the Fallen Knights themselves.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 13

The plan was to make an army comprises only four Imperial Knights, one for each Chaos God. We left off at the end of my last post with a WIP of this chap, my Nurgle Knight. Since we all know that spikes and skulls are a primary defining factor for anything Chaos, I decided to add some. Raiding my (and several other Olympians’) bitz boxes was key here, and I’ve lost count of how many different kits I used for each of the individual Imperial Knights.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 10

Spikes? Check. Skulls? Check. Suitably Chaotic? I think so! I constructed a scenic base and added a Renegade Heavy Stubber team which I’ve had for ages sitting at the bottom of a project box. I removed the Knight’s Heavy Stubber from the gun shield and the two Renegades at the bottom can represent his second gun! I also decided that the shoulder plates from the original Imperial Knight should stay, not only because they’re so iconic and a characteristic shape, but also because I only had one Chaos star plate. Needs must! Lastly, I added some etched brass for extra detailing.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 11

I mentioned how I used plenty of kits throughout the build process, but if I could only have used one kit to convert my Imperial Knights with, it would have been the Maulerfiend/Slaughterfiend kit. That kit is so damn awesome! I added some odd looking mechadendrites to the Knight’s Reaper Chainsword, and gave it a sleeker looking head, with a perverse smile. This was then topped off with a sprinkling of spikes and skulls, naturally.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 14

I converted a Questoris Knight Styrix (Tzeentch) with the Galrauch model’s heads jutting out from under the Knight’s carapace. I also started building my Cerastus Knight Lancer (Khorne) but ran out of time. So here they are in all their glory.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest instalment in the Imperial Knights saga, I’ve had an absolute blast building them. I’ve always loved converting, whether it’s from simple bitz swaps on models to add character, to full-blown projects like this. What are your favourite conversions? Feel free to share in the comments below if you have anything suitably gribbly and Chaotic.

Check back tomorrow for a painting update!

– Ares