The Road to Vanquish 2015 – Ares’ Imperial Knights – Part 5

Bristol Vanquish is a mere day away! Has Ares beaten the clock and finished his army? Click to find out! (Hint: the blog post cover photo might give the answer away…)

The Fallen Lords of Mars

These once powerful nobles who piloted majestic war machines in the names of the Mechanicus have all had their souls claimed by the ruinous powers. The Knight Titans they pilot are now a mockery of their former self, a distant shadow of their bygone glory. These twisted and corrupted beings now wage war in the name of Chaos, sowing death and destruction in their wake.

These are no Imperial Knights. These are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Fallen Lords of Mars.

These are the Knights of Chaos.

Irenaeus Pox – Chosen of Nurgle – The Pestilence and Plague

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 51

Irenaeus Poctus was a good man, who fought nobly in many engagement for his masters on Mars. His Imperial Knight in better days could be seen battling through enemy defensive formations, fighting on despite significant personal risk and damage to his Knight Titan.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 56

Since the Schism of Mars, Irenaeus Pox’s Knight Titan has decayed and bloated in equal measure. Mechanical fluids and pus weep from joints in equal measure, rust that seems to infect nearby machines seems to cover the surface of the Knight’s metalwork. I tried to capture this by scuffing up the Knight’s armour plates with a Dremel and I hope to go back to this Knight in particular and add more weathering, when time permits.

Denarius the Proud – Locust of Slaanesh – The Hunger Within

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 50

Denarius the Proud came from a Knight household that held bloodlines and racial purity in high esteem, they were feared and despised by some, but a powerful Knight Household before the Fall. The forges they defended were amongst those who succumbed to the lure of Chaos, seduced by dark powers better left alone.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 59

Working on the Slaanesh Knight was awesome, the Reaper Chainsword conversion is a very popular Chaos Knight conversion, but as soon as I saw it, I realised I had to use the Maulerfiend bits on Denarius! I used Badger Minitaire Ghost Tints to do the Thermal Cannon’s burnished effect, which I also used on the Nurgle Knight. I was very happy with the effect.

Kloros Drakis – Prophet of Tzeentch – The Reaper of Souls

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 57

Kloros Drakis’ was a man with latent psychic talents. He was famous for his battle intuition, a sixth sense that made him able to be in the right place at the right time in the heat of conflict. Kloros always thought his subconscious thoughts were his own, but he had been subject to manipulation by Tzeentchian daemons through the ether from an early age.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 20
Converting this Knight was a real blast. I’ve always loved the Galrauch Chaos Dragon kit, but my WHFB Warriors of Chaos army never really gathered pace. Using both the wings and the head was a great way to add a really twisted Tzeentch feel to the Knight, without changing the shape of the Knight too much. One of my main worries is the fragility of those wings! I tried (and failed) to do a bit of rushed OSL on the Volkite Ch… gun, and OSL is something I definitely want to try more of in the future, just so I can get used to the technique as this attempt was a bit poor.

Purros the Slaughterer – Champion of Khorne – The Warmongerer

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 53

Purros the Red, as he was known before the fall, was a brash headstrong pilot. The Cerastus Knight Lancer platform was a great means for him to get into bloodthirsty battles as swiftly as possible, usually against the largest enemy warmachine or construct he could find. His bloodlust and battle-rage made him an ideal target for the corruptive influence of Khorne. Purros the Slaughterer now acts as the Warlord for this detachment of Chaos Knights, priding himself on his ability to slay his enemies’ greatest warriors in glorious hand to hand combat in each of his battles.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 55

This Knight is such an awesome model, I didn’t want to detract from it with too much conversion work. I swapped the Lancer shield out for a piece from the WoC Warshrine kit and added the biggest skull I could find! One thing I do regret running out of time on is the lava effect on the kneepads. Disappointingly blank at the moment, but I’ll have plenty of time to paint them after the tournament.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 54

The Knights of Chaos March to War

From flash to bang this army was a pretty quick army to build and paint. Naturally, having only four models helps, but the tournament’s time pressure really helped spur me on to finishing. The Knights are ready for war, in all their 30k glory. Hopefully they’ll find some worthy foes on the tabletops over the weekend.

The only question that remains is “What next?”.

As the smoke clears and the debris settles over Bristol Vanquish 2015, what lies ahead on the horizon for this hobby butterfly? I’ll give you a clue, it’ll have tanks… lots of tanks.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights Steel Legion Teaser 90

Until next time!

– Ares



  • Captyn Bob

    Chaos Knights previewd by FW ! :):)

    • Dangermouse425

      I know, can you imagine my excitement? I’m looking forward to expanding the household already! 😀

      – Ares

  • Eric Jorgensen

    I love your Khorne Knight!!! Where did you get the skull with horns from???