Black Templars Showcase – Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be

Make sure you’ve got your rose-tinted optical implants secured tightly and strap yourself into your Drop Pods because today we’re conducting an orbital deployment onto Memory Lane IV, a planet deep within the Nostalgia System.

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Black Templars Showcase Introduction

First and foremost, a word of warning.  If you’re expecting beautifully painted miniatures, or fantastically converted characters, I suggest you try reading a post by Hades or Zeus.  This was my very first army I finished and, like all good armies, was painted in a manic hurry days before a tournament.  I have certainly learned a lot since this army, and hope to be able to show off some of my more recent work in future posts.

Legends tell of a time when Terminators could take two Assault Cannons per five models, stories mention purchasable upgrades such as Tank Hunters and tales are spread around campfires of the mythic “Righteous Zeal”.  This post is the story of those times and an army that arose during such a hallowed era.

Sadly, there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the Emperor’s light.  The time to send my Black Templars army off to the eBay Crusade has come.

Suffer Not The Unclean To Live

The Black Templars served their purpose, coming 2nd in two small tournaments held at Wayland Games, and performing admirably (read: badly) at Bristol Vanguard’s Vanquish 2013.  However, this was back in the glory days of the 4th edition Black Templars Codex.  As my opening paragraph alluded to, back then you could take dual Cyclone Missile Launchers or Assault Cannons in a five man Terminator Squad.  Not only that, but you could give them Tank Hunters for a measly 3 points per model.

So naturally, I took two squads of them.  One was a Sword Brethren Terminator Squad, the second was an even smaller Terminator Command squad, which I attached my Terminator Marshall to.  In those (good old) days the Marshall gave an army-wide Ld bonus, making all my units Ld10.

Showcase Black Templars - Terminators 1

Not wanting my Marshall to feel like he wasn’t special, I gave him a hood, so my opponents could more easily target him for an quick Slay the Warlord point.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the Terminators were converted from a mix of Space Hulk Blood Angels Terminators and the Dark Vengeance Deathwing Terminators.  Whilst they looked great, and were probably my favourite unit in the army, the amount of time spent shaving off Blood Angels and Deathwing insignia nearly sent me insane.  Nearly.

Showcase Black Templars - Terminators 2

Uphold The Honour Of The Emperor

The Black Templars of old had an awesome special rule called Righteous Zeal, which meant that if any unit suffered ANY casualties as a result of enemy shooting, they took a Ld test.  If they failed, they fell back as per usual.  If they passed though, they Consolidated D6″ towards the closest enemy unit!  A double edged sword if there ever was one, for not only did it mean my Black Templars could close with and engage the foul xenos witches in assault quicker than other Space Marines, it also meant that they were often dragged off a game-winning objective in the last turn by enemy shooting.  Sad times indeed.

Showcase Black Templars - Crusader Squad 2

Showcase Black Templars - Crusader Squad 1

Showcase Black Templars - Crusader Squad 3

Not only did it mean that the above MSU LasPlas squads could often get within Rapid Fire Plasma Gun and Boltgun range without ever sacrificing their Lascannon shot by moving, it also meant my large Crusader Squad of ten Initiates (Tactical Marines) and four Neophytes (Scouts) could get close and personal and get choppy with the enemies of the Imperium.

Showcase Black Templars - Crusader Squad 5


Abhor The Witch, Destroy The Witch

The Black Templars infantry were supported by no less than three Predators, two armed with a turret mounted Auto Cannon and Lascannon sponsons, the last was a Predator Executioner.  Fully magnetised, this wall of AV13 firepower was ready to be transformed into a fleet of Rhinos, Razorbacks and even Whirlwinds on occasion, assuming I could find the right turret for that game.  More often than not though I ran two Predators in 1750 and kept the Executioner spare for larger games.

Showcase Black Templars - Predator 1

Showcase Black Templars - Predator 2




Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds

Lastly, what Black Templars army would be complete without that iconic Crusader vehicle, the infamous Stormtalon!  This little flying machine of doom nobly battled against many a Heldrake and Stormraven in its time, usually failing to do anything worthwhile.  With Strafing Run though it was most at home picking off smaller units like Devastators and hoping for Rending Assault Cannon wounds to negate the ubiquitous 3+ armour save.

Showcase Black Templars - Stormtalon


Black Templars Showcase Conclusion

The Black Templars are now being sold to create room for the next project.  I fancied a break from Space Marines for a while and have been having impure thoughts about starting a xenos army.  I must report to the Master of Sanctity to be purged.  For those of you who wish to continue the crusade with my mighty Black Templars army, feel free to bid here.  If you message me when you bid and mention you found the link through the blog, I’ll throw in some Black Templars shoulder pads, Land Raider doors and any other BT bits I can find.

Until next time.

– Ares

  • greggles

    Poor templars! Still well done table top models! Hope you get the prices you are looking for!

    • Dangermouse425

      Cheers, greggles. Not my finest moment in my painting career, but they were certainly ready enough for the tournaments I went to.

      It’ll be a shame to see them go, but they’ve not seen the tabletop in a while and hopefully they’ll be burning witches and purging heretics for someone else!

      It’ll be good to clear up some space and funds for future projects. What are you working on at the moment?

      – Ares

      • greggles

        I’m working on James Wappel’s technique, and slowly building up my ork walker list for LVO and next years nova. Slow and steady!

        • Dangermouse425

          Slow and steady is the best way, otherwise you end up rushing armies. Just like I did with my Tyranids (which I never finished), my Black Templars and my Elysians.

          I’m determined to take the next project slower, rather than leaving it to the last minute!

          – Ares

  • Bitz Store

    Beautiful figurine, they are very clean, this is what gives its charm.

    Good continuation

    • Dangermouse425

      Thanks very much! 🙂

      – Ares