Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly – Blood Angels – Part 1

The Sons of Baal harbour a secret within their Chapter. It’s certainly not as SUPER SECRET as their brothers, the Dark Angels, but let’s just say I wouldn’t sit Asterion Moloc and Dante next to each other at a dinner party. Read on for more!

Dinner parties for Space Marines aside, welcome to the next post in my Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly series. Today I will be, surprise surprise, showing you all my Blood Angels in their full unpainted glory.

Blood Angels Art

Descent of Angels

Way back in 5th edition, my Blood Angels rocked. They were cruising around with their Jump Packs, getting 4+ Feel No Pain, adding +1 Initiative with Furious Charge, my Sergeants with their Power Fists were safely smashing things to pieces at S8 without fear of being singled out and my Sanguinary Guard were hacking apart other 2+ models with their Glaive Encarmines left, right and centre! Sadly, the golden age of my Blood Angels army came to a close and as you might be able to guess from my nostalgic list, the following changes were what made the difference for this army:

– FNP changed from 4+ to 5+
– Furious Charge no longer added +1I on the charge.
– Characters (Power Fist Sergeants, Lightning Claw Sanguinary Priests, etc) could get easily challenged out.
– The changes to Power Weapons meant that my mishmash of axes and swords for my Sanguinary Guard suddenly altered the way the unit worked.

I wasn’t quite at rage-quit levels, but I was a bit miffed. How was I supposed to mete out the divine Emperor’s justice without 4+ FNP? Not only that, but there was suddenly some funky 50% Reserves rule which meant that I would have to change the way my Descent of Angels tactic worked. I did the only thing someone in my position could do. I went on a Forge World binge and bought a metric tonne of Elysians. If Games Workshop weren’t going to let me leap from aircraft and descend upon my foes like the Emperor’s fury itself, Forge World would. I was a happy hobbyist, for a short time at least.

Blood Angels Space Hulk

The Red Thirst Stirs My Blood Once Again

With the new Codex for Blood Angels on the imminent horizon, I have been motivated to get these Marines painted. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to showcase them in their finished state, but for now here they are in their full half-complete glory.

Blood Angels Assault Marines

Like any good Blood Angels player, the core of my army is centred around two squads of ten Assault Marines.  One squad armed with two Melta Guns and the other armed with two Flamers, these squads of ten are always kept within a Sanguinary Priest’s FNP bubble, ensuring my expensive Troops don’t get shot off the board too quickly. These were the first unit I ever airbrushed, so as a result the paint is on a lot thicker than I would do now, and I’m not even 100% on the colour. I used some Vallejo Model Air reds in some sort of combination. Sadly I’m not sure I could replicate it if I tried!

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly - Blood Angels Assault Marines Combat Squad

You can see all twenty of them on the featured picture at the top of the post, but here is a small Combat Squad. I had run out of Melta Guns and Flamers in my bits box at the time of assembly, so each Special Weapon trooper is wielding two pistol variants of the weapons, simulating the a Melta Gun or Flamer respectively.

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly - Blood Angels Assault Marines

I have used resin bases across the whole army (with the exception of the two Devastator Squads) and this allowed me to make some dynamic poses. These two Assault Marines are magnetised to the tip of the base, which allows them to be securely transported without losing their graceful yet deadly pose.

Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard

Naturally the next step for this Jump Pack army was two squads of Sanguinary Guard. Each squad has a mix of weapons, including one Power Axe and one Power Fist per five-man team. The rumours of ten-man squads for Sanguinary Guard are exciting, and who knows, they might even get an Invulnerable Save. I highly doubt it, but we live in hope.

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly - Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard

Blood Angels Sanguinary Priests

To ensure my Blood Angels are kept alive for as long as possible, I took two Sanguinary Priests along with me for each battle. Whilst their 6″ bubble isn’t as strong as it used to be, and will no doubt change in the new book, these chaps really earned their due when buffing my Assault Marines or Sanguinary Guard. The red here isn’t Vallejo Model Air, it’s Army Painter Dragon Red. The mix of paints and painting styles in this army really annoys me, so I have been considering keeping this army as its own self-contained 1500-1750 point block, and starting a new Blood Angels (or Successor) project after Deathstorm and the new Codex arrives.

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly - Blood Angels Sanguinary Priests

Arming these guys with Lightning Claws isn’t something I’d do in 7th edition, but it added a little bit of punch to an Assault back in the day. The new Sanguinary Priest model is absolutely stunning and whilst it’s quite pricey, I’ll be surprised if I don’t pick up at least one. I’ve been trying to work out whether a Jump Pack would suit the model…

Blood Angels Librarian and Commander Dante

What is an army without its leaders? In smaller games I take a Librarian with Jump Pack to buff my Marines or smash up the enemy a bit, but when playing at 1500 or 1750 points, I tend to bring the big man himself. I decided that Dante’s original axe was a bit weedy, so gave him a Sanguinary Guard axe. It’s a bit large and almost ridiculous, but Dante doesn’t care, he’s a badass. Like my Sanguinary Guard, the fantastic brassy gold colour was achieved by my good friend Zeus, who had a lot of experience working with metallics for his Minotaurs.

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly - Blood Angels Librarian Front

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly - Blood Angels Commander Dante

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly – Blood Angels – Conclusion

The gauntlet has been thrown, the deadline to complete this army is on the Codex release day! Stay tuned for more Hobby Butterfly madness, and hopefully some Blood Angels updates soon.

Until next time!

– Ares


  • greggles

    The deadline is codex release day? That’s not far off! That is quite the challenge sir!

    • Dangermouse425

      Yeah, it’s a bit of an unrealistic goal, especially with all the festive happenings at the moment, but I reckon I can get a good chunk of the army done at least.

      I guess I might as well aim high, right? ^_^

      – Ares

      • greggles

        Either that, or talk to some inquisitors and warp some time :).

        • Dangermouse425

          The tools of the Ordo Chronos are not to be used lightly, human. Do not jest about such things lightly.


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