Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly – Introduction

Welcome to a new series of blog posts on The Twelve Olympians.  This is half-showcase, half-confession, half-therapy.  I know that’s three halves, but it’s synonymous with the amount of little plastic toy soldiers I have.  Why have two halves when you can have three, right?  Why just have one Warhammer army, when you can have… eight? Or more?  Read on for further ravings of a hobbyist lost in his own enthusiasm.

Introduction – The Hobby Butterfly

I suppose the first step is to admit that I have a problem. I do. For example, I only started playing Warhammer Fantasy a few months ago, and I already have four armies in various stages of completion. This is a game system that I’ve played less than a dozen times.  I suspect I’m not alone in this, I bet plenty of readers have similar problems. Are you a Hobby Butterfly?  Let me know in the comments below. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Without further ado, here is a consolidated list of my Hobby Butterfly projects that I will be working on throughout the duration of this series:


Wood Elves – The Autumnal defenders of Athel Loren, currently at 1000pts – check out the Tale of Fantasy Gamers series!
Bretonnians – On sprue, in box, waiting for their new Army Book.  Mostly Knights with a smattering of Peasants.
Warriors of Chaos – Another work in progress, they’re a close second priority after my Wood Elves!
Orcs and Goblins – An eBay haul, mostly because I wanted a Mangler Squig model.  The rest of the army just kinda “happened”.

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly - Orcs and Goblins


Chaos Daemons – A mixed force of Khorne and Tzeentch Daemons which was designed to have a Nurgle element attached to it.  Three out of four Chaos Gods isn’t bad going. I’ve never been a Slaanesh fan to be honest.
Chaos Space Marines
– A few squads of Plague Marines, some Obliterators and a Heldrake form a little Allied Detachment to bolt onto my Daemons.
Eldar – A recent addition. A friend had an Eldar army going for sale for a decent price, and I’d been itching to try out some new techniques with the airbrush on some grav tanks, so I bought it. Oops.
– Initially just an Allies Detachment for my Elysians, the boys in blue are now prepping their Drop Pods to act as an Allied Detachment for my Imperial Knights.
Imperial Knights 
– I accidentally bought a Castigator and Acheron from Forge World in a late-night hobby binge once.  My bad!
Blood Angels – My 5th edition Jumpers army led by Dante himself has been collecting dust for a while, but should get some action soon.
Alpha Legion – Encouraged by Zeus, I started a Space Marine Legion army, and picked the most badass of all Legions – HYDRA DOMINATUS!

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly - Eldar Jetbikes

I also have two Infinity armies (Aleph and Pan O) and a few Mordheim warbands kicking about.  The one saving grace is that X-Wing fleets don’t need painting!

So Many Armies, So Little Time

How do I justify having so many armies?  I hear you ask from across the Internet.  Well, if you give me a chance, I’ll explain!

For me, the hobby is all about passion and enthusiasm.  Sure, it might cost a few quid, but so do a lot of things in life.  Some people get enjoyment out of spending hours playing Call of Duty online, others spend hours at the pub boozing with their mates.  Both of these things need money (XBL subs, games, beer costs, etc) to do, and both are things I also enjoy doing to an extent.  But my main hobby and passion is miniature wargaming, so I don’t find it hard to justify having lots of armies, because I enjoy collecting them! Each to his/her own, right?

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly - Chaos Daemons

Fortunately, there’s so much more to the hobby than just amassing a large collection of unpainted miniatures.  There’s the list planning, the fluff research, the assembly, the games, the banter with mates, the tears of joy and/or rage as your best laid plans oft go astray. For some, painting armies is part of that enjoyment. It’s something I’ve recently got into, and each new army tends to be painted in a different style, or used an excuse to try out new techniques.

But what really gets me is the fluff and theme of an army. I would find myself reading Legion and itching to buy an Alpha Legion

Sadly, my Hobby Butterfly enthusiasm for new armies isn’t quite matched by my dedication to painting them, which is where this series comes in.

Under Pressure

I recently posted about my Elysian Drop Troops and Ultramarines “paintathon”, where I painted the majority of a 1750pt army in approximately a week. On the one hand, it’s a positive thing – I got the army completed for the tournament. On the other hand, it was disastrous, not only did I cut corners and skip parts of the models to get them tabletop ready, but I also got “burn out”.  Case in point; the two armies I’ve painted in this way have since been sold. I got bored of them, or was fed up with them and didn’t fancy revisiting the army.  Luckily, I’ve kept the Ultramarines. After all, the Knights would be lonely otherwise!

Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly - Ultramarines

Which brings us nicely onto the raison d’être of this post.  I will shame myself into guilt-fuelled painting sprees by posting my endless supply of unfinished models.  Each week I’ll either share one of my unfinished Hobby Butterfly projects listed above, or I’ll post an update on how they are all getting along.  The theory is, with a blog deadline to meet and hopefully some enthusiastic encouragement from you guys, the readers, we’ll get these armies finished in no time!

We shall see! I hope you enjoy the journey, stay tuned for the first proper post in this series, where I show off my Blood Angels in all their undercoated glory!

Until next time.

– Ares


  • corrm

    I have three 40k armies (Orks, Dark Angels and Guard) and have just started a Vampire counts army. I keep promising I will get everything painted before I buy something new, but that never happens.
    My biggest problem is that I love making terrain. I have so many ongoing projects and bits for new projects lying around that I am running out of room to put everything. I have donated a lot of the stuff I build to the local gaming group, but even they are running out of room to store everything!

    • Dangermouse425

      Corrm, I feel your pain. I’m currently making an Infinity board using Hirst Arts moulds, and a few of the Olympians and I are also making a Mordheim board, which you can see elsewhere on the blog.

      Not buying any more stuff is difficult! There are so many awesome models out there.

      – Ares

  • greggles

    A good trick someone taught me….put the unfinished armies in a different room, or area then your painting booth. That way you don’t look at them and get intimidated. Just put the project you are working on out. Then when you finish it, move onto the next! (I have a ton of stuff too, bit less then you, but still a lot non the less!)

    • Dangermouse425

      Greggles, that’s a good suggestion. Sadly I don’t currently have a dedicated hobby desk, as my flat is quite small, so I have to put away all my paints and models at the end of a session, otherwise it clutters up the place.

      I’ve heard people using Kanban systems too to keep track of their projects, which is something that I will be looking into, as I like visual systems.

      Check back in tomorrow for the current shots of my Blood Angels, I’ll be getting them tabletop ready in the next few weeks for the upcoming Codex.

      – Ares

  • pskontz

    I hear you I just sold my lst fantasy army a small 15,000 he hoard. for 40k I have 24k of imperial forces (GK, SOB, SM, IG, Assassins, =][=, imperial knihgts) and working on 6k eldar (ill help you with making space with your eldar) I also have a old lord of the rings army about 3k good and 3k evil. flames of war I have 15k points over 6 armies. only 600 points of anima tactics and about 300 points of xwing. I also couldnt resist the batletech new boxed set deal so have have some 100 models in giant stomy robots. not to mention the heavy gear kickstarter I participated in…

    but as you the hobby is what I enjoy and painting cool looking things

    • Dangermouse425

      Sounds like you’re about as bad as I am, pskontz, if not worse! I can’t help getting involved in new stuff; whether that’s X-Wing or Infinity, or even another Mordheim band! So much hobby enthusiasm, so little time.

      Why don’t you join me on my crusade against unpainted minis and choose one of your armies to complete?

      – Ares

      • pskontz

        yeah Im constantly fighting new games. DZC and others. but I got one advantage. all my armies are painted….I got a wife who refuses to let me buy anything unless my current stuff is painted (with a few exceptions of really really good deals)…not that I dont get things behind the scenes

        • Dangermouse425

          Sounds like your wife is a good hobby influence!

          – Ares