Elysian Drop Troops – Paintathon Part 2

Ares here with another update on the epic Elysian Drop Troops paintathon.  This time, I got the airbrush out for some speedy basecoating of the main colours, grey for the Elysians and blue for the Ultramarines!

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Priming with white, I gave each Elysian trooper a quick blast of Vallejo Black to preshade them.  This isn’t essential if you’re shading with a darker colour, but I wanted this step to be quite quick due to my time constraints.

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 11

Whilst I didn’t actually use this process on my Ultramarines, I did make a mistake and preshaded some in my hurry.  Luckily I can use this picture to demonstrate what I mean.  Some people call this the Zenithal highlight, and it means the model is lighter at the top, simulating light hitting the model from above.

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 07

I then used Vallejo Model Air (VMA) Light Sea Grey on all the Elysian Drop Troops infantry models, adding a few drops of white at the end and giving them a final highlight from above.

After that, the Elysians looked like this – ready for paint!

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 04

The Ultramarines were done slightly differently.  They were primed white, then a basecoat of VMA French Blue was applied.  VMA Insignia Blue was then used to shade from below, VMA Light Sea Blue to highlight from above.  Both methods are really quick and dirty Zenithal highlight methods, but time is of the essence here.

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 06


The idiom “more haste, less speed” certainly applied here, as I rushed into the Ultramarines process too quickly, forgetting the order of paints.  I applied the VMA Insignia Blue first, and when the colour didn’t look right, I really rage-quit my airbrushing session.  It turns out the Alpha Legion had muddled with my brain, or so it looked like.

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 10

At least I now know a killer colour to use over a white undercoat to get an Alpha Legion esque scheme.

The painting desk beckons, time to get some of these Elysians ready for the table!

– Ares