Elysian Drop Troops – Paintathon Part 3

Greetings all, Ares here with your daily dose of Elysians. With just Thursday and Friday remaining to paint the remainder of the 2000pts of Elysians and Ultramarines I’m meant to be bringing to a tournament on Saturday, let’s have a look at the progress so far. Click to read more.

I had planned on using the greys that I used on my digicam vehicles on the infantry, tying together the army in a sea of grey.  Adding some colour to the visor gave me an opportunity to make a link between the Elysians and the Ultramarines who I use as an Allied Detachment in my games. Here was the first trooper I finished.  Adding the light grey to the quilted parts of the jumpsuit and the flesh tones really made the model look a lot more “finished”.

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 16

With a final scheme decided upon, I cracked on with the rest of the 24 (not including the Company Commander) Elysian Drop Troops I had awaiting their orders on my painting desk.  After a few hours of rushed work, they were ready for basing.  I want to add at this point that these are by no means finished, I will certainly revisit these, tidying up mistakes, adding details, adding depth to the flesh areas, etc.  However, for the purposes of the paintathon, the models just need to look ready enough to get onto the tabletop for Saturday’s tournament.  Here is one of the Veteran Squads.

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 12

Naturally, once I uploaded this picture I noticed that I had missed a quilted pad off the Special Weapon Veteran’s (second from left, front row) jumpsuit.  I have since corrected this.  Once again, by no means my proudest moment, and looking at the sloppy work makes me cringe a bit, however once this tournament is out the way, I will endeavour to tidy them up and get them up to the proper standard.

Since I had the greys on the palette, I painted my five Stormtroopers who are now read to Deep Strike into the fray with their Melta Guns and (rather hurriedly kitbashed) Hotshot Lasguns.

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 13

I also shamefully drybrushed the hell out off two pairs of Sentry Guns, finishing them in the space of an hour.  If only everything was that quick!

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 14

It’s now just past midday and I still have an unpainted Vendetta and a few Flyers to finish off.  That, however, will be tomorrow’s task.  For now there are ten Sternguard Veterans awaiting my attention.  I’m massively regretting using all that bling on these models now…

Until next time, happy hobbying.

– Ares