Elysian Drop Troops – Paintathon Part 4

Greetings, Ares here with a super quick update on the Paintathon.

It’s going well!

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 18

The Elysian Drop Troops infantry are all complete, or complete enough for a tournament.  The Flyers still need to be finished off, but the Vendetta is still bare plastic – eek!

The Ultramarines are coming together, and I even drafted in Zeus from the blog, who runs the Fifty Shades of Wray commission service to help me paint my Librarian.

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 17

The Librarian is a converted Hive Mind Librarian, a Librarian who attempts to plug into the Tyranid Synapse network with his uber skillz and can help predict Tyranid Hive Fleet movements and attacks.  The model was created by Zeus from Fifty Shades of Wray and I thought it right that he painted it too.  It certainly wasn’t a model I wanted to rush like I have done the rest of the army.

It was based off this sketch I found once when trawling the internet for inspiration.

Elysian Drop Troops - Paintathon 19

Better get back to painting, there’s still plenty of work to be done.

– Ares