Goff Ork Stompa WIP 2

This is the second part of my Goff Ork Stompa project, having made a lot of progress in getting the main colours onto the model it was now time to start adding the detail. More WIP shots can be seen after the jump.

Goff Ork Stompa WIP 2 Shots

Goff Ork Stompa WIP 2 - 1

In this shot you can see that I have started to add the check patterns used by Goffs to decorate their armour. I didn’t want to go too overboard on the decoration as Goffs are meant to prefer simple schemes so I wanted black to be the main colour seen on this model.

The check patterns were painted freehand, i’d thought about taping off areas in order to make it neat but decided to have a crack at doing it freehand first. I was happy with the results of this and didn’t really have any mistakes to tidy up.

The armour panels that weren’t black needed some extra weathering added, so I decided to try out one of the Citadel Technical paints Typhus Corrosion to represent the grime that would get picked up by an Ork warmachine. The results of this came out ok so I’ll need to try it out more before I make a decision to carry on with it to the rest of the Goff Warband.

Goff Ork Stompa WIP 2 - 2

This shot shows the start of the weathering on the black armour panels, the first job was to go around the edges with Mechanicus Standard Grey. I used Abaddon Black to go around the red and the white areas. I’d also began to add detail to the rokkits on the left arm.

Goff Ork Stompa WIP 2 - 3

A bit of a jump in progress in this shot. The weathering has all been completed using Leadbelcher on the armour panels. The crew have also been glued into place around the model. Below I’ve added some close up shots of the armour panels.


A close up shot of the main body, the battle damage was achieved first by painting Mechanicus Standard Grey then leadbelcher.


The weathering around the bottom was done to match the bases for the rest of my orks, on the tanks I use Stirland Mud, followed by XV-88 then Baneblande Brown.



2 shots of the head and banner of the Stompa showing some of the crew.


The first of a few transfers scattered around the hull of the stompa, these will add a bit more decoration without overcrowding the model too much


Just a quick close up of the Stompas combat weapon.

Goff Ork Stompa WIP 2 Summary

The majority of the work is done now, all that is left is to do some of the more final detail bits like soot around the chimney stacks on the back. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can come back with some showcase shots of the finished model.