Goff Ork Stompa WIP

With the new Ork Codex out I have finally gotten around to completing a project I have had on the back burner for a while now. I’ve decided to paint this Stompa as part of a new Goff warband I am building to add to my existing Ork armies. WIP shots can be seen after the jump:

Goff Ork Stompa WIP Shots

Goff Ork Stompa - Ork Stompa WIP 1

The quality of this pic isn’t great, hopefully the subtle shading on the black should still come through a bit. I wanted to keep this very subtle as there was going to be lots of weathering and other details added on top. I kept it to 2 stages, the first was a 50/50 mix of black and Mechanicum Standard Grey, the next was a quick layer of  Mechanicum Standard Grey.

Goff Ork Stompa - Ork Stompa WIP 2

The first few stages of the various metal colours. I am using 3 different metal colours on this model, the first is based of Leadbelcher, the second is Balthasar Gold and the last is warplock bronze paint. Each metal will then have 2 washes, first of Agrax Earthshade and then Seraphim Sepia. Each metal will then have a final layer of Leadbelcher applied.

Goff Ork Stompa - Ork Stompa WIP 3

The metal areas completed, now starting to add other colours. As this is a Goff Ork Stompa the colour scheme is being kept deliberately simple. There will be some check areas and a few red areas scattered around the model to break up the black.

Goff Ork Stompa - Ork Stompa WIP 4

More detail added to those areas, and a test on the weathering on the black panels has been done. the next steps to add will be some check patterns before starting on the weathering.

Goff Ork Stompa WIP Summary

Due to the size of the model I am finding that I keep missing areas which is really slowing progress down, if I ever do another (which I hope to) I will definitely keep some of the components separate for painting in order to help focus myself. I am really happy with how this guy is beginning to come together now, still plenty more detail to be added so check back next week for more WIP shots.

  • http://www.feedyournerd.com/ greggles

    A stompa is no small feat of painting. The model looks like it just absorbs pots of paints like it absorbs firepower. Looking forward to this being completed! Looks good so far!

    I would suggest some closer in shots of the panels once you get closer to the finish.