Horus Heresy Salamanders

“Into the fires of battle! Unto the anvil of war!”

– Battle cry of the Salamanders Chapter

Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152948-55788797.jpg

When I started my Horus Heresy Salamanders I needed a deadline. Painting always ramps up in speed with a deadline. Vanquish 2014.  That was the deadline. The Twelve Olympian’s first major tournament outing.

I had set myself the task of building and painting a tournament level army and I had 5 months, give or take, to get it done. We were all doing it, starting a new army that is, but I was one of the few who had never touched an airbrush before, let alone used one to paint an army. A daunting task I’m sure you’ll agree!

First task, write a list! I picked up the Space Marine codex and began writing lists. Due to our addiction to The Horus Heresy and Forge World, it had to be a 1st Founding legion. White Scars and Iron Hands were tempting, but in the end, after reading the Tome of Fire Trilogy by Nick Kyme, it was the sons of Nocturne that I decided on.

Models, airbrush and paint bought, I began the work in earnest! After some frantic chats and Skype tutorials with Fifty Shades of Wray painter and fellow Olympian, Hades, I had learnt all about pre-shading, zenithal highlighting and pin-washing. A few late night painting sessions and I had base coated my two Rhinos. Before I knew it, I had base coated pretty much the entire army and begun edge highlighting and detailing. The project hit a small hurdle as I moved house and I had to draft an old friend, Hermes, to help me complete the project in time for Vanquish.


It was close but we managed it. Vanquish saw all the Olympians with fully qualifying painted armies and we received many kind words about our efforts. In fact 5 of the 20 best army nominations were us! With Hades winning 3rd Best Army! (Totally should have won, have you seen his Raptors?!?) All the effort was well worth it!


Here’s a few finished shots of the army. I still have decals and some weathering to do but it’s at table top standard so I’m happy to call it finished for now.

Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152946-55786026.jpg

Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152945-55785785.jpg

Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152947-55787504.jpg

Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152948-55788338.jpg
Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152946-55786498.jpg

Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152947-55787755.jpg

Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152946-55786258.jpg

Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152947-55787236.jpg

Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152948-55788065.jpg

Horus Heresy Salamanders - 20140709-152946-55786994.jpg

– Hephaestus