Lustria Terrain 2 – Spawning Pool

So last time I left you having made a start on my first spawning pool, today I go through the painting stages. Check out my progress after the jump:

Progress Shots

Lustria Terrain 2 - Spawning Pool 1

So after priming the whole thing black I painted the basecoat of Mournfang Brown, followed by drybrushing Balor Brown.

Lustria Terrain 2 - Spawning Pool 2

I then picked out the rocks with a couple of shades of Grey, Dawnstone and Mechanicus Standard Grey. The stones on the pool itself were drybrushed again with Ungor Flesh. The Rocks were given a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

Lustria Terrain 2 - Spawning Pool 3

The whole piece was then drybrushed with Screaming Skull. The Flock was sparingly applied around the base, with a slightly greener shade applied to some of the cracks on the rocks to represent lichen or moss.

Lustria Terrain 2 - Spawning Pool 4

The vines were then picked out with Loren Forest. Above you can see where I am trying to decide where some of the plants are going on the base.

Lustria Terrain 2 - Spawning Pool 5

The Above shot shows where I have gotten to with the various terrain pieces. The spawning pool is nearly complete now, it just needs some water effects added. Before I do this though I will build the second pool so that I can do all of the water effects in one go. Once the water effects has been added it will be finished off with a green glaze.

I feel I might need some larger pieces of vegetation hopefully adding some Citadel Woods kits will help fill the space a bit. The smaller pieces are good for filling in some gaps but the board doesn’t look quite right with only small areas of terrain considering Lustria is meant to be thick jungle.

Next Time

I make a start on my second spawning pool, hopefully will also be adding some citadel woods to the board as well.

  • Dangermouse425

    Great work, Hermes! I’m not sure a Citadel Wood would really work on a Lustria board though, unless you converted it to look suitably jungly? How about large stone formations as LOS blockers, or even a square stepped pyramid instead?

    – Ares

    • Hermes

      I think with the edition of some vines and some jungle foliage around the base it should work, but we’ll see with the first one. Also i have plans for a pyramid dont worry 😉