Lustria Terrain 3 – Spawning Pool 2

Last time I posted my almost finished spawning pool, here is a quick update on the next addition to my Lustria Board.

Another Spawning pool!

I wanted to get both pools finished so that I could do the water effects in both at the same time. I’m going for the heat and poor variety from Woodland Scenics, but more on this later. I won’t go through too many WIP shots as the process for making this is similar to my first Spawning Pool.



Again the main pool was built on a base provided by the Arcane Ruins set with Hirst Arts blocks added to the top. The main difference with this piece is that I have added a tree from the Citadel Woods kit to provide some more height to the model.



Now with the basecoat applied. This picture was taken whilst I was planning out how much terrain I needed on top of what I already had. I decided that I Currently have around a quarter of the board covered. So I have a fair way more to go to have a full board covered.


At this stage the first few coats had been completed.




So at this stage the main base was complete with the foliage on the tree almost finished. Again for the foliage on the tree I have turned to Woodland Scenics and their clump foliage to provide the finish.


Here you can see the two spawning pools sitting together.

What next

Next steps are to do the water effects on the two spawning pools. Then I have a couple of sets of Citadel Woods to paint up in a similar way to the tree seen above. Although I’m keen that not all of my trees look the same so I may try and scratch build some different varieties to add some diversity.