Ork Kill Bursta Showcase

Recently we got together in Nottingham at Games Workshop HQ to have a 11,000 point Ork versus Imperial game. This gave me the perfect excuse to finally finish my Ork Kill Bursta that has been sitting on my shelf for around a year now. A few weeks before the game I sat down to finally put paint to model. Click more to see the results:

Ork Kill Bursta Showcase


The Main colours on this are the metal areas and the red of the armour, once these were done (and done quite quickly as well) the model was very close to completion. I deliberately left the crew out of the model and closed the hatch in order to make it easier and quicker to paint.


The Engine, this is one of my favourite parts of the model. This looks very Orky and although it wasn’t the easiest of things to work out how to put together in the end it adds a lot to the vehicle.



This side is the more closed off of the to. This gave me more of an opportunity to add different coloured panels to help break up the solid red armour panels.


The dozer blade on the front, whilst it looks good it does constantly get knocked off. You can see at the bottom the mud and weathering that are present throughout all of my Ork models.


This side shot shows the wires hanging out of the side, these again help to break up the model a bit and add some variety of colour. You can also see on the side the transfer that I use to tie all of the tanks together from this army.


This is a very cool model and with the changes to the rules allowing Super Heavy Vehicles more this should allow me to be able to field this guy more often. Although both times I have managed to use this model it has been targeted and destroyed before it could truly make its mark on the game, maybe I’ll have more luck in the future.

Stay tuned for more Orky posts soon.

– Hermes