How To Paint White Armour

Since all the initial Infinity excitement has died down its time to address white armour.  As usual, take anything I say with a pinch of salt and adjust to your own colour preferences, but this is how I achieved the white on my PanO Fusiliers.  My technique here is a mixture of brush and airbrush as usual.


A bit obvious this, but I will write it down anyway. Prime White, I used Vallejo White Primer.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 01


I base coat the model with Codex Grey or any other similar colour with my airbrush.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 02


Using the airbrush once again with Vallejo’s Model Air White, I spray the model from the top only. This will leave grey showing beneath overhangs in the sculpt, giving you a good start with achieving natural shadows.

Do not over do it as I have used this particular paint for a reason that will become apparent when you swap to your regular brush.

Take a step back from the model now and you can choose where you want some other focal points with the white.  I did this on the bottom part of the abdominal plate and on the top of the boots on his calf.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 03


I will post pictures now with a comparison model as it can be difficult to see what has been done without a point of reference.  This is the model next to another that has just been base coated.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 04

Now you have to airbrush gloss varnish onto your model.  I have given the model a good solid few coats, at least 4 good passes with the airbrush. It is vitally important that this is done thoroughly or the next stage will ruin the white paint so far.


Once the gloss coat is totally dry it’s time to grab some black oil paint and some turpentine (some people use white spirits/mineral spirits) to thin it down.  If you do not have these don’t worry as very thinned black paint will have a similar effect.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 05

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 06

Here is a picture of the oil mix and the glossed fusilier next to a pin washed Order Sergeant.  Just take an old brush that still has some semblance of a point and just touch the oil wash into the recesses of the model. Capillary action will see all the paint sucked around the details almost instantly, tidily black lining your model.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 07

This will take a few hours to dry, but once it has you need to airbrush on a coat of satin varnish so you can then paint with a regular brush.


I have blocked in a few colours just to give a bit of definition and to help you see whats going on with the white bits, also I will take pictures next to a comparison model that has been painted up to stage this point.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 08

Now the reason I used the VMA paint is because of its viscosity. When you apply paint with the airbrush it’s in very thin layers compared to a brush. As a result I can use the same colour applied with a brush over an airbrushed surface of the same colour and get a stronger result, eliminating the need to mix paints. This is especially handy with a sensitive colour to mix like white.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 09

I take some VMA white on my wet palette and edge highlight the armour. I also blend on some white onto the higher points of the armour just like you would have done to the whole model with a regular brush, leaving the airbrushed layer of VMA white visible.  Because the VMA white is already thinned for airbrush work it lends itself to this.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 10

Being white its all quite subtle but take your time and you will have a great result.


Next I will use another white. Yes, you read correctly.  This time its Games Workshop’s Ceramite White.  This is because it’s got such a high pigment content it will appear a brilliant white compared to the previous thin/watery layers.  I will edge the highest points on the model and anywhere I feel needs sharpening, usually on the chest, shoulder and calf armour.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 11


Lastly I will add a little contrast by watering down some Badab Black wash and strengthening shadows around the model. Usually on the bottom edges of the shoulder armour and beneath overhangs like on the top of the abdominal plate.

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 12

Infinity How To Paint White Tutorial 12


That should do it.  I hope this way of doing things makes a traditionally troublesome colour a little more accessible to those with less practice and experience.  As always I will add more tutorials as myself and the other Olympians come across more hobby issues.

– Hades



My name is Joel and I am the other half of Fifty Shades of Wray. I started this hobby with Airfix kits over 20 years ago, painting any military models I could get my hands on. Then I discovered 40k and my sci fi addiction spiraled out of control. I now put my military modelling knowledge to better use on Rhinos and Landraiders!!

  • greggles

    Brilliant tutorial. Easy to follow, and gave me quite a few good tips! Thanks Joel!

    • Dangermouse425

      We’re glad you liked it, greggles. Joel (Hades) has certainly helped me develop as a painter and his tutorials are a really useful way to get step-by-step advice on various techniques.

      No doubt there will be more soon too.

      – Ares

  • Adam

    Great tutorial! And it could easily be modified to cover other painful colours like Yellow. Urgh!

    • Dangermouse425

      Thanks, Adam. The theory can be applied to any colour, as you say. I often read complaints about painting White and Yellow on blogs/forums, so it’s nice to have a relatively simple but effective way of getting these colours done well.

      I’ll see if I can pester Hades to write a Yellow tutorial post for you, if you’d like?

      – Ares

      • Adam

        Every little bit helps. My previous efforts have been less that successful. I have a hardcore alien killing machine that looks like Ronald McDonald

        • Dangermouse425

          I know that Pan has just started a Combined Army force, so hopefully we’ll have some pics of his stuff up on the blog at some point. I’m hoping to get some more Infinity posts up in the near future, so stay tuned.

          – Ares