Panoceania Squalos TAG Showcase

Hades here to Showcase the latest addition to my Infinity collection, my Panoceania Squalos TAG. More after the jump:

My name is Joel and I have a problem………

Luckily if you’re reading this you have the same one. Big robots whether good on the tabletop or not are too cool not to impulse buy. The TAGs in Infinity are no exception to this. My latest one is Panoceania’s Squalo. This was a birthday present so I took some work time out to paint this one.

Squalos Front

For those that are not familiar with Infinity, like 40k each faction/army will have its own more specialised sub – armies. Much like vanilla Space Marines may specialise with Iron Hands, Panoceania will have what’s called Sectorial Armies. The Squalo can be used in vanilla lists or with a Neo Terran Capitaline army.

Squalos  Gun

Squalos Back

With all these Sectorals running about I wanted things to be varied but unified when running these different lists. So my main army colour is white, I then chose to use the accent colour choice to represent either the Sectorial, starting with the TAG as my inspiration. With the Squalos I went for a nice french blue with only a few very light spot colours. This will follow through on my Neoterra Bolts, the troops of the NCA.

Squalos  Top

As you can see with the Cutter TAG and the Dragoa, I have given the infantry of the same planet (Varuna) as the Cutters have their own scheme, this will follow through with the Kamau units too. Same with the Akali trooper being part of Acontesiemento.


This was painted with a mix the two techniques.  The main block of colours with the Airbrush, then I can add more light and shadow with a brush to blur the lines between the two painting methods. The Panoceania insignia is all freehand.

The base is scratch built from plasticard. I’m actually looking at casting my Tag bases with kits to decorate and add atmosphere to them.


My name is Joel and I am the other half of Fifty Shades of Wray. I started this hobby with Airfix kits over 20 years ago, painting any military models I could get my hands on. Then I discovered 40k and my sci fi addiction spiraled out of control. I now put my military modelling knowledge to better use on Rhinos and Landraiders!!