Ork Nob Bikers and Warboss Showcase

One of my favourite armies to play with are my Evil Sunz Orks (mostly due to the relatively short time they take to set up, and get across the board). I’ve always had a unit of Ork Nob Bikers in my army, but recently I purchased some more models in order to expand the unit further. See more after the jump:

The Warboss




In my mind still the best option for a Warboss to take, I usually give him ‘Da Lucky Stick’ for lots of extra re-rolls, although I have been experimenting recently with other Ork relics. The combination of T6 and a power claw make this guy quite a handful along with the FNP provided by the Painboy, although the loss of an invulnerable save have hurt his survivability  somewhat.

The Painboy


My Painboy on bike conversion, this uses the head and arm from the old Finecast Painboy with a few biker parts thrown in as well.

Waaagh Banner



The main body of this conversion is one of the Forgeworld Ork Biker Nobz, for the Waaagh Banner itself I have used the old banner from the metal Ork Nobz box set. The main thing I liked about the banner is it has the Ork glyph I use on all of the vehicles in my army which again helps to tie the army together.




The remaining Ork Nobz are armed with a variety of weapons, whilst it would be nice to arm them all with power claws this can get a bit pricey, so I tend to have some cheaper options at the front as bullet catchers. All of these models are made from the Forge World Nob Biker kits.

Group Shot


Its rare that I get to field a full squad of these guys, however even at smaller numbers they often inspire fear in my opponents


Last year I took this army to Vanguard’s yearly tournament Vanquish. My plan is to take the army again with some small changes now that the new Ork Codex is out. As I update my army I will be doing more posts showing updates of this years additions and showcasing some of last years models as well.

Look forward to more Orky showcases next week!

– Hermes


  • http://www.feedyournerd.com/ greggles

    These are fantastic Mark! And appropriate for your nickname :). Red is definitely faster, and painted wonderfully!

    The one thing I love most about ork bikers…is they synergize perfectly with my ork walkers, if I happen to draw a fellow ork player as a teammate!

  • Hermes

    Thanks Greggles, I haven’t yet had a chance to play with both my Speed freaks and my dread mob. Hopefully one day one of our group will give me a chance to!

    – Hermes