Space Marine Web Exclusive Ultramarine Captain Showcase

Last year Games Workshop offered two Web Exclusive Ultramarine Captains. I picked them up while they were available and have finally had the time to get them painted. Read on to see how I tackled the first one.

warhammer-40000-space-marine-captain2The above image is the stock picture from GW for the miniature. I owned the original model that this was based on and I have fond memories of painting it as a child. With that in mind I decided to paint it closely to the GW style. However, I could not help but make it darker, dirtier, more my style.

Limted Edition Ultramarine Captain - Finished 1

Weathering could not be resisted. This was also the first use of my own 32mm resin bases Which I feel gives the model that slightly more epic feel. These were also the first models painted with Ichiban Pro Line brushes which I am definitely a big fan of.
Limted Edition Ultramarine Captain - Finished 2

With the model finally finished and no Ultramarine army of my own I am putting this guy up on ebay here.

I shall be posting a showcase for the other Web Exclusive Ultramarine Captain in the next few days. Although, as GW painted him as 2nd Company, who’s Captain is actually Cato Sicarius, I like to think of him as a Veteran Sergeant.



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  • Anon

    Cato sicarius was not the only captain of the 2nd……it could have been his predecessor or his successor. We don’t know that.

    • Zeus

      Still, if I put him and Cato on the board together one of them would be a fraud 😉