Space Marine Web Exclusive Ultramarine Veteran Sergeant Showcase

Last year Games Workshop offered two Web Exclusive Ultramarine Captains. I picked them up while they were available and have finally had the time to get them painted. The first of which can be seen here. Today I share the Web Exclusive Ultramarine Veteran Sergeant. Although GW state it is a Captain they painted him as 2nd Company, who’s Captain is actually Cato Sicarius, I like to think of him as a Veteran Sergeant.


The above image is the stock picture from GW for the miniature. As with the first model I decided to paint it closely to the GW style. Once again though I could not help but push the contrasts and make it look a little more like his been actually fighting in a warzone.

Web Exclusive Ultramarine Sergeant

I actually enjoyed painting this model more that the first if I am honest. The model felt a little less cramped and the pose more natural. It was a pleasure to paint. compared to the GW paint job I went for a much higher contrast, it is something that I have noticed in recent years that not only do Games Workshop use high contrasts (and never have) but they have also stopped using such extreme highlights.  Web Exclusive Ultramarine Sergeant

With the model finally finished and no Ultramarine army of my own I am putting this guy up on ebay here.


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  • Anon

    I’m pretty sure Cato Sicarius wasnt the only captain the second ever had.

    • Zeus

      Still, if I was making a Captain model he would have something more epic than a Powerfist :D. This guy is a perfect Vet sgt in my opinion.