The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Aph’s Dark Elves – Part 4

I have to admit I’ve been a little side tracked from my Dark Elves recently. I’ve been building my 30k Mechanicum army in preparation for the Bristol Vanguard’s Vanquish Tournament in April. More if that in the forth coming “Road to Vanquish” Blog coming soon. For now, read on for an update on the Dark Elves.

The Blighted crew of the Depths of Dispayre are almost finished.  The Sea Dragon Cloaks took a while  but I’ve finally managed to get stuck in with  the rest of the model.

corsairs 1

I’ve kept the rest of the colours simple as to not overcrowd the models with colour that may detract from the cloaks.

The dark leather of their boots is a simple base of Rhinox Hide highlighted with Gorthor Brown then given a sepia wash.

corsair back

The blades are a very simple combination of an Ironbreaker base, Runefang Steel highlight and a Nuln Oil wash. I will add an extreme highlight of Runefang Steel to the edges of the blades. Well, their swords would be sharp after all!

The armour was given the same treatment as the blades but to the highlights were added a combination of Screaming Bell and Balthasar Gold and those will be extreme highlighted with Sycorax bronze.

The faces were painted Ushabti Bone washed with Seraphim Sepia and will have a Bleached Bone highlight.  Elves don’t sunbathe, especially not piratical Elves. They have far too many decks to scrub!

corsairs front

As you can see I’m yet to finish the heads. I’m considering painting the hair white as I think this will look unusual and will brighten the models up from the front. Although my Priest of Mathlaan (Sorcerer, don’t tell Malekith!) won’t stand out in the unit any more. Then again, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I’ve also started work on the bolt throwers. Early stages here. The wood was given a base of Dark Reaper highlighted with The Fang and waded with Drakenhof Nightshade.   The metal will be painted in a similar manner to the armour of the corsairs.

bolt throwers

You may notice that the crew have been left unpainted. These are the standard crew you get with The bolt thrower but I’ll be replacing them with corsair conversions.

corsair crew

I hope you’re all looking forward to the culmination of this blog run and the Tale of Fantasy Gamers showcase blog posts coming soon where we will all share our finished armies.


– Aph


Aphrodite was born when Cronus cut off Uranus's genitals and threw them into the sea, laughing. Technically I'm wedded to Hephaestus but only because he's ugly and deformed and not a threat to man nor beast. In other news I've been wargaming for over twenty years. Collecting, painting and playing wargames, mainly Games Workshop stuff. I especially enjoy converting miniatures and making them my own. From simple weapon swaps to full on multi model kitbashes. I'm huge fan of the narrative side of gaming and lean heavily towards more characterful armies. Watch this space for Heretical automatons, Psycho-indoctrinated transhumans, The denizens of mortal chaos (and perhaps their Daemon allies) and the cruel and eternally spiteful elves of Nagarroth....