The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Hermes’ Lizardmen – Part 3

So after an initial delay in painting being caused by some shiny new Infinity Models and a bout of Ares’ Hobby Butterfly condition rubbing off slightly on me, I finally managed to sit myself down and make some progress on my Lizardmen army. More after the jump:

Saurus Warriors





I decided that the best way to approach this army would be to tackle the largest units first whilst leaving the smaller and more interesting units until later to ‘motivate myself’. So while this somewhat worked later on, at the start the thought of painting 20 identical Saurus didn’t help me when I had so many Infinity models around. However once these had been put away out of sight I’d set up my batches and swiftly made my way through the unit.

Skink Skirmishers


This unit was painted far quicker when compared to the saurus, I managed to batch these together in 2 sets of 5 which greatly helped. I’ve gone for the more standard colours again to tie the army together, with the intention that the more exotic creatures would provide the variety to break up all the blue.

Skink Priest




Easily my favourite model to paint so far. I decided to take a break from painting regiments briefly to paint this guy up. The part that I am most happy with is the feathers on this model, they took around 7 different layers to achieve the look but it was worth it. In battle he will mostly be hanging around with the Skink Skirmishers for protection.

Temple Guard


This unit is still in progress but I thought I’d show you where I was up to, these 3 are almost finished with just some minor details left to do. Probably the unit I’m most looking forward to having completed, especially when I add more to the army with a Slann.

Paints Used

Skin – Stegadon Scale Green, Coelia Greenshade, Sotek Green, Temple Guard Blue, Skink Blue (skinks only)

Scales – Kantor Blue, Coelia Greenshade, Temple Guard Blue

Shields – Khorne Red, Nuln Oil, Khorne Red, Mephiston Red

Metal – Balthasar Gold, Agrax Earthshade, Runefang Steel

Teeth and Claws – Usubati Bone, Agrax Earthshade, Screaming Skull

Eyes – Yriel Yellow

Bone – Rakarth Flesh, Agrax Earthshade, Rakarth Flesh, Palid Wych Flesh


I’m now slightly over half way with painting my Lizardmen army, with the rest of the Temple Guard to finish, the 2 Salamanders and the Saurus cavalry with the scar veteran still to do. Once these units are done I can base the army (not my strong point it has to be said). For inspiration I turned once again to the painting guide and found this:


So a combination of using the basing kit and some parts should give me a decent theme for the army. Check back next time when I should be presenting the finished army.

– Hermes