Tale of Infinity Gamers – Hades – Part 1

Panoceania – Ahead of the Game

I have slight unfair advantage here. I have been playing Infinity for the last 7-8 months.  So my Infinity log may be farther ahead as I gear up for more ITS events this year.

My next one is Sunday the 24th May at A Fist Full of Dice in Portsmouth.  Its 300 points and includes Spec Ops.  This is new to me but is a cool way of making your own characters with unique load outs.  There is a 12 XP limit on this one so you get to choose attributes and weapons of varying XP value totalling the limit. Now I wont tell you what I chose as Infinity starts before the board has been set up.  Unlike 40k you do not have to declare certain information about your list to your opponent until the end of the game, so certain things can surprise your opponent like camouflaged models and your Lieutenant.

Neoterran Capitaline Army

I have chosen to go sectorial for this and its the NCA for me.  Doing this enables you to gain access to some cool rules like link teams and higher availability of specialist troops. It’s not all good though, as the variety of units from the entire Panoceania stable will be limited.

Like I said, I have a slight advantage here as I’ve been playing a while.   This is what I have painted for my NCA so far.


This is what I’m halfway through.


Finally, what is just built.


Now I realise I have shown pictures of certain units that are supposed to be unknown to the other Olympians, but while I have the rules knowledge for now I think it’s a fair advantage if they play with their 40k tactics in mind. *chuckles maniacally*

Anyway, I have all my bases ready to do and I fancy doing my Deva, so next post should be short and sweet.