Terminators Showcase – Part 2 – Grey Knights

Ares here with another batch of our lumbering friends, the Space Marine Terminators.  Today these lovely suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armour will be modelled by none other than those Daemon-hunting badasses, the Grey Knights!

Read on for more.


First up we have some of Poseidon’s Grey Knight Terminators.  In the words of the God of the Sea himself:

Poseidon here with a Terminator showcase from my Grey Knights army. I have always liked the idea of a Terminator heavy list, heavily armoured veterans wading through the battlefield able to soak up enormous amounts of fire power while dealing out righteous retribution was the epitome of grim-dark 40k for me. So when Codex: Grey Knights was released in early 2011, with their crazy cool fluff, Psychic powers and relatively cheap points cost (not to mention they were smashing armies left, right and centre) I unashamedly jumped on the bandwagon.20140914_Librarian
These units were completed in time for a small tournament towards to the end of 2012 and have served me well from the latter end of 5th Edition right through to 7th Edition and the release of the new Codex: Grey Knights this year. I present my Grand Master, Librarian and a Terminator Squad led by the late, lamented Justicar Thawn.



Next up, Hades takes centre-stage with his stunning Grey Knights.  Rather awkwardly they’ve also turned up to the party in the same outfit.  One of the squads will have to go back and change. #40kfashionfauxpas

Purifiers - Hades

These were painted in 2013 for a tournament I took part in.  In my honest opinion, Terminator hammers all need to be bigger.  So I used the hafts of the halberds and put hammer heads on top.


Hades also shared with us the main man himself, Kaldor Draigo.  Here he is, looking pretty smug after his recent promotion to Lord of War.

Mordrak and Ghost Knights - Hades

Lastly, we have Mordrak and his Ghost Knights.  Sadly there will be a whole generation of Grey Knights players who will never know the warm fuzzy embrace of Mordrak and his cronies, us “veterans” can sigh wistfully and look off into the distance while we spin tales of the “good old days”.  We apologise for the Power Armoured Grey Knights being in the background of this shot, they were feeling rather left out and after the recent kicking they received in the new Codex, we thought we’d let them join in the fun.

Stay tuned for some more 2+ awesomeness next week when the warriors of Ultramar fight for the limelight with the Sons of Dorn.  We might even chuck in some Chaos Space Marines too if you’re lucky.

– Ares