Terminators Showcase – Part 3 – Word Bearers

A year or so ago I needed some Obliterators for my Word Bearers so that I had enough points for a tournament. To my bits box I went! Hunting for parts to convert a suitable stand in for the ugly Obliterator models. I had thought of sticking loads of guns to Terminators but in the end I found the parts for a much more elegant representation befitting the Word Bearers. Read on to see what I found in my bits box.

Word Bearer Terminators

I found a large number of spares from the Deathwing Knight box and immediately saw Word Bearers Sorcerers. With some Chaos Knight shoulder pads from Warhammer Fantasy the conversion was made. I then proceeded to give them a very quick paint job and they were ready for war.

Word Bearer Terminators

Word Bearer Terminators

Word Bearer Terminators

Word Bearer Terminators



These conversions show how verastile the basic Terminator platform is. Very little work was needed to change the overall style of the model into something much darker.

– Zeus


I am Zeus, primary contributor to the site and co-owner of Fifty Shades of Wray, oh I am also God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice to name but a few of my concerns. Having been playing tabletop games and painting miniatures for most of my life I have a wealth of information borne from success and from the bitter experience gained from my mistakes in the hobby. If anyone has any questions about the Twelve Olympians or the hobby in general I am more than happy to discuss them with you.

  • http://www.bitzstore.com/ Bitz Store

    Very nice work, an element intrigued me. I do not know these épaulièes, from where they come from?

    • Dangermouse425

      Thanks! The shoulder pads are from the Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Knights box set. It’s a fantastically versatile kit for lots of 40k Chaos conversions.

      – Ares