The Road to Vanquish 2015 – Ares’ Imperial Knights – Part 2

With only a handful of days to go, Ares does that thing we’ve all done before. He attemps to finish an army without much time to spare for an upcoming tournament. Click for more!

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 00

With four days to go, I’m really pushing the limits of my speed-painting ability here, but my Chaosified (real word that) Imperial Knights will be ready for Bristol Vanquish by Friday!

I started work on the panels of armour, deciding to go for a lava scheme, it took quite a while, but I’m pretty happy with the results.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 01

The armour panels were originally undercoated white, and on some of the panels I used a mix of masking tape (I use the Tamiya stuff, it’s low tack and comes in a variety of sizes) and masking fluid (Vallejo Liquid Mask). This was so that I could get some interesting detail alongside the bright lava colours.

The first paint colour that went down was Vallejo Game Air (VGA) Bloody Red, this is such a vibrant and strong red, with a slight pinkish hue if you do a light layer. I’m really looking forward to using this with my Blood Angels, as I really want them to stand out. After hitting that colour with a Bloodletter glaze, I reckon it’d look perfect.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 02

But there were no glazes in this process, but the second step was an additional colour of VGA Gold Yellow. Here you can see the difference between the two stages. As you can see, there isn’t any particular rhyme or reason to the patterns or placement of the colours, I just wanted to go for something varied, slightly random and something that would stand out on the tabletop.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 03

Here are the finished batches, ready for the extreme highlight and extreme lowlight. I should point out that I painted the Cerastus Knight Lancer’s armour separately, as it was still drying from its bath, where I had to wash away the resin release agent before priming.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 05

The extreme highlight was, naturally white, I used VGA Dead White. I kept the white highlights to small spots within the yellow zones so as to not overpower the fire colours.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 06

Finally I shaded the armour plates with VGA Charred Brown. A fitting name for the burnt colour I was looking for. The brown was placed in the red zones, so as to compliment the white highlight.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 07

I then looked at the FOUR Imperial Knights and started to wonder whether I could really finish them on time for Vanquish. In a fit of enthusiasm, I started blocking in the black (Citadel Base Abaddon Black) but quickly realised it was a task for another day, so took some pictures and went to bed.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 08

There we have it, yesterday’s progress on the Imperial Knights. As a teaser for what’s to come, here’s a picture of one of my Imperial Knights – My Knight of Nurgle!

Is anyone else making a Knight Household at the moment? I must say, they truly are such fantastic models to assemble and painting one would have been a joy. Painting four to a tight deadline has sucked some of the enjoyment out of it, but I’m still relishing the challenge.

Stay tuned for more Imperial Knight updates.

Until next time.

– Ares

  • Captyn Bob

    Chaos Knights eh? Lush. Will hope to see some finished photos out of Vanquish

    • Dangermouse425

      Thanks, will be a hectic week, but stay tuned for more updates tomorrow and beyond.

      – Ares

  • greggles

    They are looking good so far! Looking forward to those updates!