The Road to Vanquish 2015 – Ares’ Imperial Knights – Part 4

Two days remaining, and progress has been made on the Imperial Knights. They are slowly coming together and looking vaguely like a cohesive army. Check out today’s update here.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 34

A small amount of progress was made, I undercoated the mechanical skeleton of the Knights themselves, gave them a drybrush of Leadbelcher before washing them with Agrax Earthshade. “Basecoat, drybrush, wash” isn’t really a style of painting I advocate these days, preferring to spend a little bit more time on my painting but time is of the essence so speed wins over painting skill here.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 49


With the mechanical “skeletons” done, it was time to start putting the finished pieces together. Having previously discussed my lava painting techniques in my previous post, you can see what the armour plates look like on the Knights themselves.

With only two days to go, the Knights are made! The core parts are basically complete, all that’s left now is the long slog. Lots of colour blocking on the trim, some metallics and finally a bit of weathering. While I crack on with that, I thought I’d share some bases with you!

As you may have noticed, I’ve really been trying to make each Knight individual. I enjoy converting models, and especially like having “special snowflake” armies. Armies that are unique and truly mine in their own way. With this in mind, I wanted to make each Imperial Knight’s base a unique reflection of the Chaos God they were meant to portray.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 38

The Nurgle Imperial Knight’s base was the first one I did, and as I mentioned before, I replaced one of the Knight’s Heavy Stubbers with a Renegade Heavy Stubber team from Forge World. I built up a small fortification, something I tried to echo across the four bases. I really wanted to unify the Knights, as when I started the bases I hadn’t decided on whether I was going to go for a unified colour scheme or a God-specific scheme. My intent was to tie together the latter with basing, but in the end it wasn’t needed.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 35

The Knight dedicated to Slaanesh was simple. I used some Dark Eldar prisoners I had lying around (I told you lots of kits were harmed in the making of these Imperial Knights!) and left it there. I had originally intended on having a Slaanesh Daemonette appraoching the two hapless Eldar captives, but thought the base might look a bit too busy, and didn’t want to detract from the model itself with its rather fancy Reaper Chainsword.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 39

I’ve always been a fan of Tzeentch, who clearly is the coolest of the Chaos Gods. Somewhere, within my pit of many projects, there’s a Tzeentch army waiting to be made. If GW released a Tzeentch Daemonkin book, I’d be the happiest Olympian ever. I really wanted to do Tzeentch justice with this conversion, and I was really happy with my use of Galrauch’s wings and heads on the Knight itself, so I kept the base relatively simple with just a Chaos Renegade Sorcerer. Staying true to the themed basing, I added sandbags and skulls.

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 37

The whole basing theme was actually inspired by Henry South’s recent post on his Imperial Knights’ bases. I wanted to convey a similar theme – my Chaos Knights were advancing through enemy territory, storming trenches and massacring all those in their path. Due to time constraints, and a considerable deficit of talent between Henry and myself, my Knight bases were nowhere near as detailed and impressive, but I was certainly inspired by his awesome work. If you aren’t subscribed to his blog, check it out here –

The Road To Vanquish - Imperial Knights 36

I’d like to pretend I chose Iron Hands because our most recent Olympian, Dionysus, has an Iron Hands army, but realistically it’s because they were easy to paint quickly from a black undercoat. 😉

All the bases were finished with Agrellan Earth Technical Paint, which is my new favourite way to base miniatures! A spot of Citadel Burnt Grass was sprinkled on to break up the colour, as well as a sprinkly of lighter green flock from my basing collection. Overall I’m pretty happy with my bases, though would have liked to have spent much more time on them getting them to a higher standard, both of construction and painting.

Tomorrow will see the final update, where hopefully I’ll have some finished Knights to show you!

Until then, keep on gaming!

– Ares

  • greggles

    Bases look utterly fantastic!

    • Dangermouse425

      Thanks, greggles! I really tried to make them unique and representative of the Chaos Gods.