Vampire Counts Army – Part 3

Last week I shared the start of my latest project. This week I have made a start on the painting, first up the Vampire Counts Lord himself:

Vampire Counts Lord


The first stage is to do all of the base colours that will need to be washed with Agrax Earthshade. As I wanted the Vampire to have a more dirty appearance this proved to be the majority of the surface area of the model. The colours were Khorne Red for the armour, Leadbelcher for the metal, Balthasar Gold, Karak Stone on the horns, Rhinox Hide for the Leather and Rakarth Flesh for the base on the skulls.

The Armour

Vampire Counts Lord


A quick picture showing the wash stage

Vampire Counts Lord


From this point I focused on the armour, I wanted a deep red finish so was careful not to use too bright a red at any point. After the was I applied khorne red again, this time missing the recesses to keep the dull dirty colour there. From this point I used a watered down layer of Mephiston Red to bring the colour up a bit. The final highlight layers on the edge of the armour are done with Wazdakka Red.



Vampire Counts Lord

Here you can see the finished effect on the armour

The Skin

Vampire Counts Lord

This Photo does make the armour seem more glossy but it is the same as before. The next stage was the Skin, I wanted to achieve a pale complexion for the vampire so I stared at a lighter layer of Cadian Fleshtone. This was followed up with a purple wash and another layer of Cadian Fleshtone. Another wash of Sepia was used to bring out the skin tone a bit before a highlight layer again of Cadian. This was followed by Rakarth Flesh to start adding the pale finish. I was going to finish with Palid Wych Flesh but decided to mix in some Kislev Flesh so that it didnt just look like the skulls and bones around the model.

The Metal was painted with Leadbelcher again and highlighted with Ironbreaker. The Leather was highlighted with a layer of Doombull Brown.

Check back next week When I shall be doing all of the final details on this model and hopefully moving onto the first regiment of Skeletons.


  • greggles

    Wow, looking great Mark!

    • Hermes

      Thanks Greggles, check back later this week and I should hopefully have the finished version up