The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Aph’s Dark Elves – Part 3

The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Aph’s Dark Elves – Part 3

The crew of the Depths of Dispayre are beginning to look a little more alive.   Read on for more!

Dark Elf Shades

The Shades really couldn’t have been simpler.  They are literally, shades of dark grey and black.

After a white primer spray and a black base coast I started playing about with my airbrush.  Using ever lighter shades of grey I simply sprayed firstly over the most exposed areas of the model then a zenithal highlight with a lighter tone.  The idea was to first give the impression of depth to the model and the second highlight to give a lighting effect.

All that was left to do after that was to pick out any areas of chain mail and of course the (comically oversized) sword  blades in Runefang Steel and wash with Nuln Oil.

The crossbows were base coated with Balor Brown then given a wash with Agrax Earthshade.

The bases were done in the same way I have done all my disembarked troops; Forest Green with green flock.

Boom!!  Table top ready.


Dark Elf Dark Riders

Much the same as the Shades for these guys, however it was clear after a couple of coats on the Shades that a greater contrast was required.  The Dark Steeds would be a lighter grey and the riders darker.

The same technique was used just a lighter blend on the horses and a darker one on the Dark Riders.  The riders’ robes were highlighted with [a lighter grey] and extreme highlights picked out with [probably skull white]


Steed eyes red because, evil.  Based as per the description above.  Boom!! Second unit smashed out!



Dark Elf Corsairs

With the sea Dragon Cloaks, (which to be fair deserve a whole post on their own)  finished I began working through the more mundane parts of the models.  The loose fabrics of the models were painted either Kabalite Green or [another shade of green] then washed with either Correlia Greenshade or Biel Tann.  I mixed it up a little to break up the unit to not look too uniformy. These are Pirates after all, not the dreaded Black guard!



As you can see coming along nicely.  By my next post I should have the Corsairs fully painted and the Reaper Bolt Throwers well under way.  I’ve got some nice conversions for the crew done here.

The END TIMES have come…

It can’t have escaped your notice that the End Times are well under way.  The third book, Khaine, dropped recently and has us pointy eared folk very excited.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the ethereal rule and love the new spirit host models.  The first book, Nagash, has let all wizards use the new Lore of Undeath.  I’ve wholeheartedly jumped on the bandwagon and my Sorceress will be summoning the spiteful spirits of long dead Elves to fight alongside their mortal brothers.

See next months posts for more details and pictures!

– Aph




Aphrodite was born when Cronus cut off Uranus's genitals and threw them into the sea, laughing. Technically I'm wedded to Hephaestus but only because he's ugly and deformed and not a threat to man nor beast. In other news I've been wargaming for over twenty years. Collecting, painting and playing wargames, mainly Games Workshop stuff. I especially enjoy converting miniatures and making them my own. From simple weapon swaps to full on multi model kitbashes. I'm huge fan of the narrative side of gaming and lean heavily towards more characterful armies. Watch this space for Heretical automatons, Psycho-indoctrinated transhumans, The denizens of mortal chaos (and perhaps their Daemon allies) and the cruel and eternally spiteful elves of Nagarroth....