The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Apollo’s Kislev – Part 2

Witam! Come travellers – sit ye by the fire and warm thy bones.  ‘Tis a cold winter, and the realms of Men are hard pressed.  There are those – mangy dogs and scurrilous rumour-mongers all – who would have ye believe that mighty Kislev, jewel of the North, has been wiped out by the damned hordes of Chaos.  They fancy that these be the End Times.  Well fear not!  The fine men of Kislev will rally once more, as they have ever done! Brave hearts, stout bellies and exceedingly well-groomed moustaches will see us through this winter.  For the Rodina!

Or in other words, welcome to Part 2 of my Tale of Fantasy Gamers series


Looks how bad ass that guy is.  He’ll mess up your day just for fun then go eat some awesome cured meats and sauerkraut.

I have been hard at work filing, sanding, cutting, sticking and clipping, and that was just to my fingers.  However, progress has been achieved, dear readers.  I said last time that I would have some assembled models to show you, and here we go.


Ho ho ho only joking.

I’ll be showing some of my models, which are mainly Empire and Kislev models with additional parts from Empire, Chaos Warriors and Beastmen models.  There’s only one rule –



Kislev Boyar with Battle Standard

This chap will be the linchpin of my battle line.  Rules-wise, he’s an Empire Captain with Great Weapon and Battle Standard in Full Plate.  With the his bare leadership affecting the unit he’s with (my Swordsmen), any detachments thereof, with re-rolls thanks to the Standard, and with his special rules relating to leadership, he’s there to steady the line.  Basically this chap is the sort of bloke that Sharpe would tell his Riflemen to shoot first.

He’s made of a Finecast Empire General with a brass rod standard pole, High Elf banner, Chaos Marauder axe arm, old Dogs of War Bearmen shield and a Maxmini winged banner.  I’ll be using these shields and banners through the army.  I’m not sure whether I’m going to include a banner top or not – I quite like the lack of ornamentation, but Kislevites are quite ostentatious so I’ll see if I can dig something up from my bits box.



Kislev Sorceror

This chap will be blasting Beast Magic left and right, giving Swordsmen strength of bears and turning himself into a Dragon and all sorts of cool stuff.  As he’s only a Level 2 Wizard I’m sure in practice he won’t do much up against Aphrodite’s Lvl 4 Dark Elf Sorceror, but don’t ruin my dreams.  Sadly there’s no real way to run Ice Magic in the modern ruleset, so I figured the Lore of Beasts would be a good fit for Kislev.

The model is an old Max Schreiber model from the showcase Gotrek & Felix series GW did a few years ago.  He’s by far my favourite ‘rugged’ GW wizard model and whilst he’s technically a Life Magic wizard, he also fits the Beasts aethestic as well.  Most importantly, he has an excellent beard.


Kislev Kreml Guard

These bad boys are being used as Greatswords.  Since pansy southrons think that a mere giant sword or hammer is good enough, the hardy sons of Mother Kislev need to outdo them with great big badass mother****er axes.  After all, what good is a sword or hammer in the frozen north?  You need a big huge axe to chop down trees, cleave wandering dire bears in two and chop through that damned chaos armour.

I’ve used the old Middenheim Teutogen Guard that were released by GW during the Storm of Chaos event.  Because beards.  Lots and lots of beards.  The axes are from Beastmen Bestigors, as they’re enormous and highly brutal looking.  Even one of those things falling on you would be enough to ruin your day, let alone swung by a giant, probably drunk, cossack in full plate armour.



Kislev Kossar Archers

These boys are the hideyhole for my Wizard and so I only need 9 of them.  If in doubt the Wizard can flee to the rear rank, probably pursued by the taunts of the heavily-moustached chaps around him.

I’ve used the Kossar models, which are some of my favourite metal infantry miniatures GW has ever released.  You can see the influence of the Perry Twins in the sculpting and each one is packed full of character.  They look ready to fill you full of arrows then chop of your head with great big (but not as big as the Kreml Guard’s!) axes.  These chaps aren’t armed with great weapons in the rules, so I’ve had to modify them slightly to make it clear they’re just archers.  I used bits from the Wargames Factory Persian Infantry plastic historical figures, as they have awesome compound bows, plus lots of arrows and arrow sheaths and all sorts of other accoutrements.



Kislev Winged Lancers

I’m running these lads as Empire Knights without command.  They’re intended to act as a throwaway lance unit, running up the flanks and hopefully crushing some artillery, skirmishers and light infantry.

As the original Winged Lancer models come with the boring old fashioned unbarded horses, I thought they needed some serious updating, and some hardcore barding.  Barding is awesome, except when you have to scrape, cut and file dozens and dozens of spikes from Chaos Knight Steeds to stop them looking too eeeeevil.  Helpfully all of these models have very luxurious and fashionable moustaches and beards already.  I’ve got rid of the metal lances, as these bend and warp far too easily in carry cases, and replaced them with Imperial Knight ones.  I’ve also used the Dogs of War Bearmen shields.  I’m particularly proud of the ostensible Champion model, as he looks like he’s leaning into the charge ready to stick some filthy Chaos Warrior like a prize pig.





Next month I’ll be showing the remainder of my army, namely the 20 Swordsmen, the 3 Bear Riders, the Great Cannon and 5 Horse Archers.  I’ll also be putting paint to model, and I’ve decided on a colour scheme.  I’m going for the traditional red Polish Winged Hussar panoply with black and white feathers and leopard skins.  Crush that Chaos filth in a tide of scarlet, fur and steel!




Next week Zeus will be showing us the progress on his Chaos Warriors.  As I intend to spank those lads right back into the Chaos Wastes, I’ll be watching closely!

– Apollo


Apollo is a warrior. He relishes the din of battle, the clash of mighty hosts and the sharp stink of gamer funk in the morning; he lives for warfare on the battlefields of the grimdark 41st Millennium; and he laughs in the faces of puny noobs. Not for him the laudable ambition of having a Golden Daemon-level fully-painted army, or a deep appreciation of an epic backstory – Apollo thirsts for victory above all else. Fear him. For he is beardcheese incarnate.