The Tale of Fantasy Gamers – Ares’ Warriors of Chaos – Part 1

At first I assumed the voices calling to me were the spirits of Athel Loren, encouraging me to build up my Wood Elves quickly, exhorting the purchase or more little plastic men.  But it turned out it wasn’t.  I was tricked!  The Chaos Gods had their fickle ways with me and I find myself with a second army for the Tale of Fantasy Gamers!  Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself is what happened.  Here’s what really happened…

I started with such good intentions!  I designed the army list, I bought the models, I even assembled most of them, but something wasn’t right with my Wood Elves army.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Whilst the flexible, shooty and manoeuvrable nature of the Wood Elves did appeal to me, I wanted to also have an army which appealed to my more basic instincts.  The desire to charge hard-as-nails units head first into the enemy at full speed and smash the living daylights out of them with assorted axes, lances, swords and general pointy sticks.

Without hesitation, or consideration to the detrimental affect this project might have on the Wood Elves, I began my second Tale of Fantasy Gamers project – a Warriors of Chaos army.

Ares Warriors of Chaos Tale of Fantasy Gamers Shaggoth

I sometimes start whole armies purely because of one model or unit.  For my Ultramarines, it was the Tyrannic War Veteran models I loved, for my Black Templars, it was the opportunity to convert some awesome Terminators from the recent Space Hulk release.  For my Warriors of Chaos, if I had to pick my one favourite model in the range, it’d have to be the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth.  This hulking monstrosity was thankfully Finecast, so a lot easier to assemble than I imagine the old metal version was.

Ares Warriors of Chaos Tale of Fantasy Gamers Chaos Sorcerer

Digging around in my extensive bits box, I found one of the Chaos Lord models from the Dark Vengeance box set.  Using Green Stuff, I sculpted some fur over the patch where his backpack would be and I replaced his Plasma Pistol with an outstretched open palm.  I’m thinking of adding a ball of flame or something, so will have a look for any Tzeentch bits to see if I can find anything suitable.  If anyone knows of any bits from any kit that might look good in his outstretched hand, let me know in the Comments below.

Ares Warriors of Chaos Tale of Fantasy Gamers Warriors of Chaos

Knowing that a Sorcerer and a Shaggoth alone wasn’t going to be enough to conquer the realms of the Old World, I began constructing some Core and Special choices, namely a couple dozen Chaos Warriors and some Chaos Knights.  Here they stand ready to be undercoated with their Chaotic brethren.  I am giving the Chaos Knights bare heads, so have left them off the bodies now, as they will be undercoated white separately.

Ares Warriors of Chaos Tale of Fantasy Gamers Chaos Warrior Cloak

I started to paint my Chaos Warriors, deciding on an Undivided themed paint scheme with a few units marked to the Chaos Gods to add flavour.  The armour was given a basecoat of Vallejo Model Air (VMA) Gunmetal and highlighted with VMA Steel.  The cloaks were then painted and highlighted using earthy tones and the armour was glazed with a Burnt Umber oil paint glaze, to add shading to any recesses whilst also tinting the armour a nice dirty colour, without losing the metallic sheen of the armour itself.

Ares Warriors of Chaos Tale of Fantasy Gamers Chaos Warrior Armour

Once I was happy with the test model, the rest of the unit were painted, leaving me with 24 Chaos Warriors to join my rapidly expanding horde.  Next month, between finishing assembling the Wood Elves, I’ll be working on painting my Chaos Knights in a similar scheme whilst deciding what else should be included in the army.

If you have any suggestions for units with strong synergies with the units I’ve made so far, feel free to suggest something in the Comments section below.  I’m tempted by some Dragon Ogres, as the (relatively) new plastics look decent and my Shaggoth won’t be lonely.  At the same time, I do like that Chimera model.  Choices, choices, choices!

Check back next week for an update on Apollo’s Tale of Fantasy Gamers project, the pesky Kislevites, and I’ll see if I can squeeze in a post about the Wood Elves sometime soon as well.

Until next time!

– Ares




I am Ares, a keen 40k player, modeller and painter. Somewhat of a hobby butterfly, I always have multiple projects on at once. I am just starting to get into WHFB as well as FFG's X-Wing. I am also mildly obsessed with Mordheim, I think I have three or for WIP Warbands kicking around somewhere. I must finish those some day...